Could we see VENOM in Spider-Man 3?

With the news that Benedict Cumberbatch will reprise his role as Doctor Strange in the upcoming movie ‘Spider-man 3’ things could be about to get eh, well…strange. Here are three things we, as fans, would love to see:

1. Venom

Venom | Netflix
Image: Sony Pictures

Yes, you read that correctly, Venom! The idea that Venom could crossover into the MCU may not be as crazy an idea as it once seemed. Unfortunately, the reason behind this maybe to transition Tom Hollands’ Spider-man out of the MCU and into his new home at Sony. Although he is still scheduled to appear in future MCU movies like Doctor Strange and most likely a future Avengers movie, this is confirmed to be Tom Holland’s last solo outing as the wall crawler in the MCU. This is why it would make perfect sense to introduce Venom, even as a cameo, so that the transition to Sony is as smooth as possible.

2. Spider-Verse

Spider-Man 3: Sony responds to reports Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield  could return | GamesRadar+

Could it actually happen? This one is probably the one that fans want to see the most. A live action Spider-Verse! Holy S***! Can you imagine the moment they all appear on screen together? This would be excitement at the level of the final battle scene in Avengers:Endgame, if not bigger! Sony themselves recently commented on the casting rumors by saying “Those rumored castings are not confirmed”. So you’re telling me there’s a chance. I’m hoping this means that they just haven’t worked out the contracts yet but the fact that they haven’t outright denied it speaks volumes.

How would this happen though? And would it make any sense? Enter Doctor Strange. You really have got to love Dr.Stephen Strange as a character. He makes everything possible. But how? Multi-Verse, that’s how! That still doesn’t make any sense you say? Enter Doctor Strange. We could go on and on but it basically boils down to Doctor Strange, the multi-verse and those magic portals that he is very keen on.

Why is this likely to happen? Recently Jamie Foxx confirmed he would be returning to the Spider-man franchise to reprise his role as Electro (while also accidentally leaking that he wouldn’t be blue this time). But Electro is part of Andrew Garfield’s Spider-man Universe I hear you say? He sure is. Which is why a Spider-Verse theory is now a lot more believable.

Jamie Foxx Confirms Electro Return For Spider-Man 3 And More - CINEMABLEND
Image: cinemablend

3. Miles Morales

Given the recent upsurge in popularity that the Miles Morales character has received it would make sense to try and introduce him to the big screen as soon as possible.

Marvel Studios Rumored to Have Cast Actor for MCU's Miles Morales

With the character also getting an entire PS5 game to himself it makes sense that the executives at Sony would want to ensure that we don’t have to wait years before seeing a live action version of Miles Morales. In fact, we know he already exists in the MCU as Peter Parker meets his uncle (played by Donald Glover) in Spider-man: Homecoming where he references his nephew who most fans will know to be Miles. I don’t have high hopes on this one although it would be nice if we could get a post credits scene teasing Miles for the future – that’s not too much to ask is it?

Spider-man 3 (no official title as yet) is due to hit cinemas on December 17th, 2021.