Are Spider-Man and Deadpool friends?

Are Spider-Man and Deadpool friends?

Spider-Man and Deadpool are two of the most well-known Marvel superheroes. While Spider-Man is known for his boy scout good moral compass, Deadpool sits somewhere in the middle. Not quite all good but definitely not bad either. But are Spider-Man and Deadpool friends? To find out the answer we’re going to examine the Marvel comic series Spider-Man/Deadpool which ran from 2016-2019 and explored the relationship between the two titular characters.

Spider-man and Deadpool’s relationship

First off, yes, Spider-Man and Deadpool are considered to be friends (at least most of the time). Despite previously quitting the Avengers Unity Squad after Deadpool became a member, Spider-Man eventually grows to like Wade Wilson after seeing him perform heroic acts and even save Spider-Man himself on a couple of occassions. Spidey recognizes that Deadpool at least tries to do the right thing, even if he doesn’t always succeed.

Spiderman and Deadpool tied up as friends
Image: Marvel Comics

Initially this wasn’t the case though. Spider-Man actively disliked Deadpool because of his willingness to kill people – something Spider-Man would never do, even if he thought they were evil to the core. Peter Parker is eventually won over though through a series of unusual events:

  • Deadpool saved Spider-Man from a mass hallucination tech-hacking attack.
  • Spider-Man helped Deadpool to fight a cult that were harassing a drug cartel.
  • Deadpool set Spider-Man up on a blind date with a succubus which ended with both heroes dancing in their underwear for a crowd of women. (Something that Spider-Man strangely enjoyed and even thanked Deapool for).

Deadpool on the other hand has always actively tried to become friends with Spider-Man. The merc with a mouth views the webslinger as the perfect superhero and tries numerous times to get into his good books. After they start hanging out together Deadpool even starts to hold himself to a higher standard to try and impress the wallcrawler.

He does still end up shooting Peter Parker in the head and killing him though. Twice. All without knowing that Spider-Man’s true identity is Peter Parker. It was all just one big misunderstanding though. Deadpool even rescues Peter from limbo and they eventually go back to being friends again.