Batgirl suit upgrade

Batgirl will have her suit upgraded during the course of the movie

Up until now Batgirl has flown under the radar somewhat. The movie which stars Leslie Grace as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl is currently slated for an exclusive HBO Max release sometime in 2022. The plot of the movie is still uncertain although Warner Brothers have confirmed it will be an origin story. It will follow Barbara Gordon as she dons the cowl for the first time as the Gotham city vigilante, Batgirl.

It has also been revealed that Michael Keaton will reprise his role as Batman for the movie and Brendan Frasier will play the antagonist. Who that antagonist will be exactly remains to be seen.

Batgirl suit

This week fans were given a first look at the official Batgirl suit with plenty of fans seemingly unhappy with the design. “I can’t believe DCEU literally went from such a fine Batsuit to this CW style suit” one fan tweeted.

Batgirl suit
Warner Brothers

Despite the negative feedback from some fans, it can’t be argued that the suit isn’t comic-accurate. The purple and yellow suit is ripped directly from the pages of a DC comic book.

At Geeks Gonna Geek, we have a theory. The suit above will simply be Batgirl’s first suit in the movie before it goes on to get damaged in battle. At this point, Batman will be introduced to help Barbara Gordon with designing a new, more durable suit.

Batgirl concept art
Batgirl concept art – Warner Brothers

Official concept art released by Warner Brothers even appears to confirm another suit. As this character will be part of the new look DCEU expect a more armored design. Perhaps something closer to Batgirl’s design in the Arkham Knight video game? At this point it’s just a theory but it’s entirely within the realms of possibility.

Batgirl new suit
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

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