Rescue cosplay by @roguesgalleryfitness

Best 3D Printed Cosplays

Cosplay has come a long way in a short space of time. Gone are the days of slapped on cheap face paint and in are the days of screen accurate, extremely detailed costumes based on your favorite characters. This is no small part thanks to the ever increasing affordability of 3D printers. You can now have your own wearable Iron Man suit that looks EXACTLY like it does in the movies. How cool is that?! All of the cosplays you are about to see have been made using files from So without further adieu, here is our list of the best 3D printed cosplays:

1. Iron Man by @Frankly_Built

Iron Man by @Frankly_Built

Of course we had to start with Iron Man. This particular Iron Man cosplay is astounding. Not only does it look like it’s been lifted directly from a movie set, its 100% wearable. It even includes a light-up Iron Man infinity gauntlet. The stones light up when you snap your fingers together. The suit also contains a motorized face plate that can be lifted up and down at the flick of a switch. If that doesn’t make you geek out then you can probably just stop reading now.

When we asked Frank about his suit, this is what he had to say:

Don’t let your dreams be dreams, buy a 3D printer today

Frank is a big name in the 3d printed cosplay world and even has his own Youtube channel where he teaches people how to make all sorts of 3d printed stuff, just like this Iron Man suit. You can check out a full breakdown of everything you need to make this suit in a detailed article written by Frank himself over on the 3D Printing category on our website.

2. Rescue Cosplay by @roguesgallerycosplay

Rescue by @roguesgallerycosplay

Next on our list is this Rescue cosplay made by @roguesgallerycosplay on Instagram. Rescue is the suit that Tony Stark gives to Pepper Potts right before the final battle in Avengers Endgame (Although you don’t actually see that part on screen). The guys have absolutely nailed it with this 3D print. The smooth finish and the paintwork on this is second to none. Like the Iron Man suit, this also contains a motorized face plate that can move up and down at the flick of a switch. The LED arc reactor really finishes off the look of the suit. It just had to make our list of best 3d printed cosplays.

Here’s what the guys themselves had to say on making the suit:

We debuted Rescue in March 2020 after 9 months of work. It’s fully 3d printed based on models from A lot of work went into digitally modifying the files to scale them to Julie’s physique and maintain a sleek, feminine look. It’s a mostly CGI costume so there were some unique challenges, a lot of parts left to interpretation were we sacrificed mobility for better accuracy and fitment.

3. Arkham Knight cosplay by @supermanfitt

Arkham Knight by @supermanfitt

Next up is a move to the DC Universe, and more specifically, Batman. This Arkham Knight cosplay is based on the video game character with the same title ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’. The suit is printed, painted and sewed by @supermanfitt himself. The light up LED eyes really give this cosplay a menacing look that the character would be proud of.

We reached out to @supermanfitt for comment on the suit and here is what he had to say on why he made the suit:

The reason I made it is because I saw some concept art for the Arkham Knight on a website a few years ago and figured a real suit would be awesome. Then when I got into 3D printing about a year ago I found the actual suit on and almost immediately started printing it. The helmet and all of the armor was 3D printed and painted myself. Everything else was found in local stores or online, and painted or modified to fit the design. I added a few custom design choices like the joker inspired pouches, but I kept everything else pretty true to the character.

4. The Batman cosplay by @logandominiccosplay

The Batman by @Logandominiccosplay

This mini-Batman cosplayer is @logandominiccosplay on Instagram. Logan’s dad makes all of his cosplays by himself and is self taught through YouTube. Logan also cosplays as The Mandalorian, Nightwing, Deadpool and Spider-man just to name a few. However, this 3D printed Batman cosplay is the standout in the collection in my opinion. It’s possibly the best Batman cosplay I’ve seen based on ‘The Batman’ movie that will be released in 2022.

Here’s what Logan’s dad had to say about the cosplay:

I 3D printed the cowl and then made a mold and then a urethane copy. The armor was also 3d printed. Just scaled down to fit him. I made because Logan saw the trailer and because I had already made him a BvS suit he asked “dad!? You should make that one. It’s cool” so got to work on it. Took me a week to complete.

5. The Mandalorian cosplay by @roguesgallerycosplay

The Mandalorian by @roguesgallerycosplay

This is the 2nd cosplay on the list from @roguesgallerycosplay. This time it’s The Mandalorian 3D printed armor. This cosplay also includes the Beskar spear that we see in The Mandalorian season 2, although they haven’t confirmed whether their spear is real Beskar or not yet. On a more serious note though, the guys really have perfected the metallic Beskar look with the entire suit. This is for sure one of the best 3d printed cosplays out there!

Here’s what the guys themselves had to say about the cosplay:

For Aaron’s Mandalorian cosplay, we tried to perfect our painting and finishing process to replicate the look of Beskar. Each armor piece is 3d printed in PETG and finished in screen-accurate Alumaluster chrome paint. Soft parts were sourced from various makers and all leather work was done in-house. The spear is a 3d printed tip attached to PVC pipe, and the cape is a wool camping blanket.

6. Redhood cosplay by @olivier_cosplay

Red Hood cosplay by @olivier_cosplay

Red Hood is a character from the Batman universe that has yet to make his way onto the big screen. However, that hasn’t prevented the rise in popularity of the character amongst fans. This cosplay by @olvier_cosplay is super accurate and for sure one of the best Red Hood cosplays we’ve seen to date.

We reached out to @olivier_cosplay for comment on the cosplay itself and here is what he had to say:

At first I wanted to do a Batman cosplay. While researching this I came across the character of Red Hood by chance and found him fascinating.

There you have it. The best 3d printed cosplays. Which is your favorite? Have you seen others that we might have missed? Leave a comment below or get in touch through our social media channels. We love hearing from you. Thanks for reading.