Best cosplay contact lenses

Best Cosplay Contact Lenses 2023

Cosplay has become increasingly popular in recent years, with fans of all ages and backgrounds coming together to celebrate their love for their favorite characters. One of the most important aspects of cosplay is attention to detail, and one way to add that extra touch of realism to your cosplay is by incorporating contact lenses into your costume. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best cosplay contacts in 2023.

Each contact lense below is provided by the very reputable online retailer Twinklens who specialize in contact lenses. So without further adieu, let’s dive right in.

1. Demon Slayer Contacts

Demon Slayer Cosplay Contact Lenses
Image by: Twinklens

If you’ve ever wanted to cosplay as your favorite Demon Slayer character, we’ve got you covered. Twinklens offers the following contacts (and more) to help you achieve that perfect look.

  • Shinobu Kocho Purple Contacts
  • Tanjiro Kamado Contacts
  • Giyu Tomioka Blue Contacts
  • Kyojuro Fireball Contacts

You can check out the selection for yourself below.

2. Sharingan (Naruto) Contacts

Best cosplay contact lenses
Image by: Twinklens

Ever wanted to cosplay as your favorite Naruto characters? With this selection of Sharingan contacts you will be able to do exactly that to perfection.

  • 3 Tomoe Sharingan Cosplay Contacts
  • Kakashi Mangekyou Sharingan Cosplay Contacts
  • Sasuke Mangekyou Sharingan Cosplay Contacts

These are just some of the examples of the amazing contacts available. For more you can check out the full collection below.

3. Blackout and Whiteout Contacts

Whiteout eye cosplay contacts
Image by: Twinklens

Blackout and Whiteout contacts are a great way to finish off any spooky themed cosplay. Suitable for a wide range of themed cosplays from zombie to vampire, these can be styled however you like.

As well as black out and whiteout there are also redout, yellowout, greenout and blueout. Check out the full collection below.

4. Halloween Contact Lenses

Cat eye contact lenses
Image by: Twinklens

The term ‘Halloween contacts’ covers a wide range of themed contacts including categories like zombies, vampires, demons, werewolf, manson, cat and dragons. These are ideal for Halloween or for any convention if you dabble in cosplay. Alternatively, they can be worn at home just because you feel like it. Who needs a convention to cosplay as a dragon? That can be done any day.

The full list of Halloween themed cosplay contacts can be found below.

5. Full & Mini Sclera Contacts

Sclera blackout cosplay contact lenses
Image by: Twinklens

The typical diameter of a cosplay contact lense is about 14mm. Mini Sclera Contacts on the other hand go to 17mm and full sclera all the way to a whopping 22mm! That’s some serious coverage. This type of contact is more premium so it can be more expensive but in this writer’s opinion, it’s definitely worth it.

Check it out for yourself below.

Are cosplay contacts safe?

Yes, cosplay contact lenses are safe. They are made from polymacon/hema and water. The water content is usually 38-40%. The contacts above are all approved by International Certificates such ISO and CE. However, while these are generally safe, precaution is always needed. You can check out the Wear & Care guide here for more information.

What are the cosplay contact lenses made from?

An advanced cast molding technique is used to make the lenses so thin. The premium constituents ensure the contacts are very breathable meaning your eyes remain comfortable for long-term wearing. The optimum water content and water-locking design helps to keep your eyes moist. A multi-dimensional pigment printing technology is also used so the lenses can have the most amazing effects.