Thanos Yondu Mary Poppins

Best Marvel Memes of the week

Memes are just the best aren’t they? There are very few things in life that I enjoy more than a good Marvel meme. In fact, did you know that Cambridge University in the UK offers a short course in meme studies? Crazy stuff. With that said, we’ve decided to add a new feature to Each and every week we will round up the best Marvel memes of the week and rank them for your enjoyment.

The memes on this list can all be found over on reddit. Credit is also provided in the caption if you would like to check out the Memer (is that a real word?) for yourself. So without further adieu, lets get started with our first edition of the best Marvel memes of the week.

#5 I’m Mary Poppins Y’all

Thanos Yondu Mary Poppins
posted by reddit user u/tuongcbc

#4 Steve playing it cool

Captain America Meme
posted by reddit user u/safcake0_0

#3 I’m not paying for YouTube God damnit!

Youtube meme
posted by reddit user u/_itskrits_

#2 Steve really did Bucky dirty on this one

Bucky Barnes meme
posted by reddit user u/brandonprime

#1 Black Widow is never getting released, is it?

on your left meme
posted by reddit user u/raider0411

So there you have it. Our first weekly Marvel meme roundup completed in full. What did you think? Do you think we got the order right? Would you like to submit your own memes to be included in future lists? Get in touch over on our social media (links below) or contact us through our website by clicking here.

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