Black Widow Disney Plus

Black Widow Disney Plus – When is it streaming?

Ever since her first MCU appearance in Iron Man 2, Scarlett Johanssons‘ Black Widow has played an important role in the Avengers team. The only strange part is that it took as long as it did for her own solo movie to have been given the seal of approval by Marvel Studios. And after a long delay due to Covid, Black Widow is finally almost ready to hit both movie theaters and Disney Plus.

Black Widow Disney Plus

Black widow Disney plus
Black Widow (Marvel Studios)

So when is Black Widow being released? Black Widow will be released in the USA on July 9th 2021, simultaneously in theaters and on Disney Plus with Premier Access. This means that regular Disney Plus subscribers will have to pay an additional $29.99 to gain access to the movie. However, if subscribers are patient enough to wait until October 6th, 2021, they will be able to watch it for FREE.

Here is what Disney CEO Bob Chapek had to say about the decision to release the movie on Disney Plus at the same time as it hits theaters:

We’ve already delayed Black Widow a couple of times, we didn’t want to delay it again. Yet, at the same time, we always knew there was a risk that exhibition wasn’t going to be fully developed or consumers wouldn’t want to go back and sit in theatres. So, we realised we had to sort of prime the pump and give theatrical exhibition a chance.

We couldn’t put all of our eggs in the theatrical exhibition basket because we knew that in the weeks leading up to the decision that the domestic market was not coming back. And it’s still fairly weak. So, we’re very confident that we made the right call there.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek

Whatever the reasoning behind the decision, I think Marvel fans will be happy just to have the opportunity to watch the movie.

How will you be watching Black Widow? This writer certainly doesn’t have the patience to wait until October. Let us know in the comments below. As always, thanks for reading.