What the HELL is going on in WandaVision’s Westview?

If you’ve seen the first three episodes of WandaVision you’re probably just as confused as I am. Before you read any further please be aware there are potential spoilers for the opening episodes of WandaVision ahead. So, just what the hell is going on in WandaVision?

Setting the scene

WandaVision (Marvel Studios)

The first 2 episodes of the Marvel’s new Disney Plus series don’t give away much in terms of plot. They kind of serve as a world-building mini series that leaves you scratching your head in disbelief. Wanda and Vision seem to be stuck in some sort of 1950’s sitcom. They are living everyday lives as if the events of Infinity War and Endgame never happened. From the opening scene we can see that Vision is alive and well despite the fact that the last time we saw him in the MCU he was killed at the hands of Thanos. However all may not be as it seems.

More questions than answers

The first evidence we get of this is in the end scene of episode 1. We see somebody watching Wanda and Vision from our perspective, as if its a TV show. In the same scene we see a SWORD logo which indicates Wanda and Vision are being monitored by the space-based counter-terrorism organization. SWORD are basically the space equivalent of SHIELD that we meet throughout the MCU movies. This leads us into episode 2.

SWORD (Marvel Studios)

The events of episode 2 again flow as if everything is good and normal in the world until the final moments. We see a bee-keeper crawl out from a manhole cover located outside of Wanda and Visions’ home. Vision looks visibly confused whereas Wanda just says “No” and deletes it from existence as if it never happened. This is when things start to get really strange. It’s clear that Wanda is aware of what is going on.

Episode 3 is where we see the real evidence of this. At one point Vision starts to question the strange goings-on. Wanda, as she did in episode 2, deletes this event from existence. We then see Vision back at this point in time no longer questioning his reality. So just what does this tell us about what is going on?

Wanda’s coping mechanism

Wanda is clearly aware of what is going on here. All of the evidence so far leads us to believe that Wanda is refusing to accept reality as it is. Has Wanda, using her powers, built the entirety of Westview as a coping mechanism to deal with the death of the love of her life, Vision? We think so.

Quicksilver (Marvel Studios)

Remember that Wanda has been left with nothing since the events of Avengers: Infinity War. Vision is all that Wanda has left since her brother, Quicksilver, was killed by Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Hence, Wanda’s famous line “You took everything from me” when speaking to Thanos in Endgame.

In the final scenes of episode 3 Wanda’s “neighbour” Geraldine starts to ask about Wanda’s backstory. Specifically about the death of her brother. Wanda knows something is up and expels ‘Geraldine’ from a force field-like structure which is encapsulating Westview. This gives weight to the theory that Wanda is creating some sort of alternative reality where everything is perfect (at least, from her point of view). ‘Geraldine’ is presumably an agent of SWORD as she is wearing a necklace with the logo around her neck. When expelled from Westview we see her land in a field alongside military personnel monitoring the structure, most likely to be SWORD themselves.

Geraldine (Marvel Studios)

There you have it. More questions than answers and we haven’t even talked about Wanda’s kids or the potential appearance of one of Marvel’s most evil villains, the devil himself, Mephisto. We’ll do a breakdown on that soon so stay tuned for more.