Can Spider-man lift mjolnir?

Can Spider-man lift Mjolnir?

Spider-man is undoubtedly one of the most popular superheroes of all time. In fact, before the MCU came along, there really was no debate to be had. The webslinger was the poster boy for Marvel. While the arrival of the Avengers has brought more heroes to the forefront, the wallcrawler is still number one in most fan’s eyes. We know that he is a truly good person but can Spider-man lift Mjolnir? Let’s investigate.

Is Spider-Man worthy enough to lift Mjolnir

The short answer is yes, Spider-Man is able to lift Mjolnir but it’s not that simple. While Spider-Man can lift Mjolnir, Peter Parker cannot. That’s because it’s Miguel O’Hara’s Spider-Man 2099 that can lift Mjolnir as he does in 1998’s 2099: Manifest Destiny one-shot.

Spider-man 2099 Miguel o hara can lift mjolnir
Spider-man 2099 by @MizuriAU

Miguel O’Hara is Spider-Man from a future reality in Earth-928. You guessed it, in the year 2099. He worked as Head of Projects for a company called Alchemax conducting genetic research into heroes like Spider-man. While working in the lab he was poisoned by a co-worker with a drug called Rapture. This lead to Miguel conducting an experiment to rid his body of the poison. The only problem is that the experiment was sabotaged by his jealous boss Aaron Delgato which accidentally gave Miguel his Spider-man abilities. This is the version of Spider-man that can lift Mjolnir.

In the Marvel comic, Mjolnir is thrown at Miguel by Captain America. To Cap’s surprise Miguel catches it and even reads it while holding it. Mjllnor does not transform him into Thor and instead Spider-man uses Mjolnir as more of a moral compass. Miguel claims that if anyone else is able to lift Mjolnir then they can lead mankind to a brighter future. But until that day, he takes on the responsibility.

Spider-man lifts a fake Mjolnir

Can Spider-man lift mjolnir?

In 2008’s Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #40, Enchantress used Peter Parker as a pawn in her scheme to seize Asgard. She gave him a counterfeit Mjolnir with similar abilities and, as evidenced by the image above, Spider-Man wielded it successfully. Thor eventually arrived and with one hand, destroyed the Mjolnir imitation. This is the only occasion when Peter Parker has lifted Mjolnir, but it was a fake and nothing else.