Can Superman breathe in Space?

Can Superman breathe in space?

Superman is the ultimate superhero. The poster boy for DC comics has been around since his debut in Action Comics #1 all the way back in 1938. The Man of Steel is incredibly strong, fast and can shoot lasers from his eyes but can Superman breathe in Space?

Superman in space

So can Superman breathe in space? The short answer is no, he cannot. That is because it’s impossible to breathe in Space as there is no air. Space is a vacuum. Instead, he is able to hold is breath for a really, REALLY long time. He is able to do this due to being supercharged by Earth’s yellow sun. The thing that gives Superman all of his his powers.

In some cases, such as in the DC Animated Universe, Supes has been shown wearing a space suit to make the experience more convenient. It’s not necessarily that he needs it, but given the choice between holding his breath and wearing a spacesuit, he sometimes chooses the latter. It also makes fighting in space much easier. Something that Superman has done a lot of throughout the years when fighting off against alien forces.

How long can Superman hold his breath in space?

As Superman’s ability to hold his breath is linked to his strength, he could theoretically hold his breath forever as long as he is powered by Earth’s yellow sun. The sun gives Supes his incredible abilities and as long as he is exposed to it, he is essentially invincible. So there is no limit to how long Superman can hold his breath in space, water, lava or wherever he finds himself.


In conclusion:

  • Superman cannot breathe in space as there is no air.
  • Superman is able to hold his breathe for an indefinite amount of time as long as he is exposed to Earth’s yellow sun.