Can Superman get drunk? Alcohol beer

Can Superman get drunk?

Superman, the epitome of strength and invincibility, is a superhero that has always captivated the imagination of the masses. We’ve witnessed his ability to conquer seemingly impossible feats, but the most important question remains: can Superman get drunk?

Superman and Alcohol

Can Superman get drunk? The short answer is no, the Man of Steel is not capable of getting drunk under normal circumstances. This is because his metabolism can process alcohol at incredible speeds meaning he never feels the effects. However, there are some exceptional instances where it is possible and has even happened in DC comics.

Here are four ways it’s possible for Superman to get drunk:

1. When exposed to kryptonite

Superman is weak against kryptonite causing him to lose his powers. When Kal-El loses his powers, he becomes a regular human meaning he is capable of getting drunk.

2. By drinking magical alcohol

Superman is weak against magic. This vulnerability causes him to lose his powers and once again, be susceptible to the effects of drinking alcohol.

3. When exposed to the light of a red star

The light of a red star has the same impact on superman as magic and kryptonite. Meaning Superman can get drunk when chilling under the light of a red star with a beer in hand.

4. After using his super flare ability

In the ‘New 52’ series of DC Comics, Superman gained a new ability called ‘super flare‘. This allowed him to expel all of his stored solar energy at once in a mega blast. Directly after using this ability, Superman becomes vulnerable to all the dangers that a regular human faces – including alcohol poisoning!


Some people will say “but if he can get drunk under those circumstances, the answer is yes, he can get drunk”. Nope!

That’s like asking a regular person if they could bench press one thousand pounds. The answer is no, but if you give them 10 years to train everyday for it (exceptional circumstances) the answer might be yes.

So there you have it. Can Superman get drunk? No he cannot under regular conditions.