John Cena as The Thing

Could John Cena be about to play The Thing in Marvel’s Fantastic Four?

John Cena has had a mega successful 2021. He has starred in some of the biggest movies of the year like Fast and Furious 9 and The Suicide Squad. But could the wrestler turned actor finally be set to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Fantastic Four member The Thing AKA Ben Grimm?

Who is The Thing?


Ben Grimm is a former Astronaut and USAF test Pilot. While on a space mission with his best friend Reed Richards (as well as Sue and Johnny Storm) he became The Thing after being exposed to high levels of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation. Frequently referred to as CMBR for short, it was first introduced to the MCU in Marvel’s WandaVision. So don’t be surprised when this stuff turns up again in The Fantastic Four.

The Thing’s skin is made or a super strong Rock like material. The Thing has super strength and super durability. He also really likes the phrase “It’s cloberrin’ time”.

Is John Cena about to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

In a recent interview a with the star a reporter noted that Cena would be perfect to play The Thing. When asked if he would be interested to play the character this is what he had to say:

“I would consider most any-THING. I think keeping yourself open to options and different perspectives is a good way to go about life. This would simply be a THING that I would consider, because I like to keep my perspective open to new THINGS.”

John Cena on playing The Thing

As you can see he decided to have some fun with the question by mentioning the word ‘thing’ three times. Is this a hint that Marvel may have already been in contact?

What are your thoughts? Would you be happy to see John Cena join the MCU as Ben Grimm? Let us know in the comments below. As always, thanks for reading.