Dakota Johnson Madame Web

Dakota Johnson reportedly cast as Madame Web for solo movie

After the incredible success of Spider-man No Way Home, Sony are wasting no time in expanding their own Marvel Universe. So far it consists of two movies – Venom and Venom: Let there be Carnage. Soon to be joined by Morbius and later by Kraven the Hunter.

This is only the beginning though. Strong rumors have been circulating for a while that Sony want to make Black Cat and Spider-Gwen solo movies starring Anya Taylor-Joy and Emma Stone respectively. Even Sandman and Rhino have been rumored to get their own movies.

Dakota Johnson as Madame Web

In news that will certainly come as a surprise to most fans, according to Deadline, Sony are in talks with Fifty Shades of Gray actor Dakota Johnson about playing Madame Web in a solo movie.

The reason this will come as a surprise is not because of the acting chops of Johnson or anything to do with her as an actor. It’s more to do with the fact that Madame Web is an old woman with a medical condition. Not something that can immediately be associated with Dakota Johnson on first impressions.

Madame Web is a Marvel character with clairvoyant abilities who featured regularly in the 90’s animated TV series, Spider-Man. Given the casting, it appears as though Sony might look to change the story to suit a younger actor like Johnson.

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