Thor Love and Thunder trailer release date

Did Marvel just give us the trailer date for Thor Love and Thunder?

Thor Love and Thunder now officially holds the record for the closest we’ve been to a Marvel movie release with no trailer. The previous record holder was Spider-man No Way Home.

Despite the lack of a trailer, Chris Hemsworth has announced via his Instagram that the official press tour for the movie has begun. In the post the actor is posed alongside co-star Tessa Thompson and Director Taika Waititi. However, the really interesting thing is that there could be a hidden message to decode. If that’s true, then Twitter user @DavidATS06 may have just decoded it. Look below for yourself.

By closely looking at the actors’ hands, the date 11/4/22 can be made out. 11th April 2022. True, it could also spell out a different date depending on how you look at it. Or it could be nothing at all. Just random hand gestures by Hemsworth and co. But where is the fun in that? Who doesn’t love a bit of speculation? As always, thanks for reading.