Does Spider-man have a healing factor?

Does Spider-man have a healing factor?

Spider-man is one of the most popular superheroes on the planet. Most people know that the wall crawler is super strong, super fast and can shoot webs but does Spider-man have a healing factor? Let’s investigate.

Spider-man Healing Factor

While Marvel characters like Deadpool and Wolverine are known for their extraordinary abilities to heal, Spider-man is not so lucky in this regard. The short answer is no, Spider-man does not have a healing factor.

While the webhead might not have a healing factor, he does recover much faster than regular humans. According to Marvel “He also heals faster than normal when injured, though he is not completely immune to viruses and other human ailments.”

For example, while Deadpool and Wolverine can heal from injuries like gunshots in seconds, it would take Spider-man a day or so to recover. For a regular human, it would take a number of weeks.

PersonInjuryRecovery Time
Spider-manGunshot1 Day
Regular HumanGunshotWeeks

Taking Damage

Spider-man also has the ability to take some serious damage. He is frequently on the receiving end of punches from superhuman folk, getting hit by trains, cars and falling from rooftops. Peter Parker has taken his fair share of damage over the years. These are all things no regular human could survive.

Some of it is no doubt due to his grit and determination but there is also a superhuman element involved.


So while Spider-man can heal from injuries like gunshots in a day, this is not enough to be classed as a healing factor. When compared to the likes of Wolverine and Deadpool, Spidey simply doesn’t measure up. However, when it comes to his ability to get hit and keep moving forward in the name of good, there is nobody quite like Spider-man.