Electro Arc Reactor Spider-man No Way Home

Electro has an Arc Reactor in Spider-man No Way Home

The Amazing Spider-man 2 is one of the worst rated Spider-man movies. However, that hasn’t stopped the studio from bringing back one of it’s main villains for Spider-man No Way Home. Jamie Foxx will reprise his role as Electro in the upcoming blockbuster but this time he won’t be blue.

Why does Electro have an Arc Reactor in Spider-man No Way Home?

Electro Spider-man No Way Home
Sony Pictures

In a recent TV spot that was released by Sony Pictures, we see Jamie Foxx’s Electro once again battling it out with Spider-man. This time with the help of one of Iron Man’s trusty Arc Reactors. So many questions!

It’s a blink an you’ll miss it scene but an important one for the plot of the movie. How does Electro have this? Does he have it when he arrives in this universe or does he acquire it as the story develops? Unfortunately, we will only find out the full details when the movie is released on December 17th.

Similarly we see Doctor Octopus get MCU-ified when his metal arms fuse with Spider-man’s Iron Spider suit giving the arms a red coating.

It seems like Marvel and Sony are keen to remind fans of Tony Stark’s involvement within the MCU, even long after his death. Stark tech is likely to play an important role in the MCU going forward, something that will be expanded upon in Armor Wars.

What are your thoughts? Are you happy we get to see a part of Iron Man back in the MCU or do you wish the villains stories were kept apart from this? Let us know in the comments below or over on social media @GeeksGonnaGeek.

The Full 30-seconds TV spot is available below: