Batman contingency Plans for Justice League

Every contingency plan Batman has for The Justice League should they go bad

Batman is one of the most renowned superheroes, with many fans claiming that he could defeat most adversaries with prep time. Despite a lack of powers, Batman’s strategic mind and his array of devices help him gain the upper hand. In some instances, this even allows him to contend with beings a mortal would have no business in taking on. Batman has fought alongside the Justice League, however, if any of the superteam were to turn bad, the Caped Crusader has plans to take each of them on.


Batman and Superman have fought various times over the years. Notable battles include Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Injustice and The Dark Knight Returns. While both have won on different occasions, Batman is obviously outmatched when facing Superman on a physical level.

This is where Batman’s contigencies come into play, with the Dark Knight having a number of different ways of taking down Superman. Kryptonite is often a go to choice in these battles, with Batman relying on a variety of gadgets and weaponry laced with kryptonite. In Superman: Red Son, Batman utilised the power of red sun generators to render Superman powerless, thus levelling the playing field.

Lastly, as showcased in Batman: Hush, the Dark Knight may also try to break through to Superman’s compassionate side in order to bring him back. Batman would not be able to stop Superman in a normal fight. However, as showcased, he does have a variety of different methods to take him down.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a deadly opponent and a close friend to Batman. However, he has had to face her in combat on numerous occasions. While they may be great allies, Wonder Woman proves a powerful enemy if forced into combat.

However, Batman has showcased contigenices for immobilizing the Amazonian, using a toxin to make her delusional and fight until she is exhausted. This is showcased in Justice League Doom, where Wonder Woman believes she is fighting an infinite amount of Cheetahs after being drugged by the villain. Utilizing her Lasso of Truth to tie her up is also a great way to stop the warrior.

Green Lantern

The Green Lantern, whether it be Hal Jordan, John Stewart or another character, is one of the Justice League’s heavy hitters. Their ring is one of the most powerful weapons in the DC Universe and makes the wielder very difficult to defeat in combat.

However, there are a variety of methods Batman has theorised in order to take down the Green Lantern. One of these methods was featured in Justice League Doom, where Hal is made to believe he made a major mistake resulting in lives being lost through the use of Scarecrow’s fear toxin. This made him believe that he was not worthy of the ring, therefore making the ring reject him.

Since the Green Lantern’s power is based on willpower, if the user lost their will the ring would reject them until they regained that confidence. Without a power ring to use, Batman would not need to fight the Green Lantern as they would no longer be powerful.

The Flash

The Flash is one of the most powerful heroes in the DC Universe. Despite being played off as comic relief, Barry Allen can run faster than the speed of sound. He would be a problem for any opponent he has faced, which is why Batman has a contigency plan for Allen. In order to reduce the threat The Flash poses, Batman could cause paralysis in the hero in order to stop his movement.

Alternatively, as showcased in Justice League Doom, strapping a device to Allen that will explode if he does not keep running is a good way to avoid conflict and destroy The Flash if need be.

Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter is one of the founding members of the Justice League, with the hero often considered the heart of the team. However, he could prove quite powerful to face in combat if he turned on the team. Luckily, Batman is prepared for the Martian as well.

As showcased in various forms of media, Martians have a fear of fire and are very vulnerable to it. While all martians are weak when exposured to fire, the New 52 also showcased J’onn’s particular fear of fire. This is due to the hero witnessing the destruction of his race through fire, which created an anxiety of fire for J’onn. Batman would exploit this weakness in order to stop the Martian Manhunter.