George Lucas had VERY different ideas for the Star Wars sequel trilogy

Lets just assume that most fans were not best pleased with how the Star Wars sequel trilogy panned out. From seemingly changing story lines from one movie to the next (Rey’s Parentage) to downright copying Avengers Endgame (I am all the Jedi…really?). Lets have a look at what could have been if George Lucas had his way…

1. Darth Maul is the main Villain

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Darth Maul

Yes really, Darth Maul. Lucas wanted to resurrect Maul to be the big bad in the most recent trilogy. Not only this though, The Star Wars creator also wanted to add Darth Talon, Maul’s apprentice, to make things even worse for the good guys. George Lucas himself even goes onto describe her as “The next Darth Vader”. Big plans indeed. The only small problem here is that things didn’t go so well for Maul in ‘The Phantom Menace’, and by “not well” I mean he was cut in half (ouch).

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Darth Talon (credit:

2. Luke Skywalker rebuilds the Jedi Order

The New Jedi Order founded by Luke Skywalker | Star wars artwork, Star  wars, Artwork
The Jedi Order

So now that we know who the main Villains were going to be, what about the good guys? Everyone loves a good old fashioned Good vs. Evil story. The problem was that after Order 66 was executed there weren’t too many Jedi left, or else they were in hiding. Lucas’ plan was to have Luke rebuild the Jedi Order over the course of the trilogy with numbers of up to 100 Lightsaber-wielding Jedi being mentioned by Lucas himself. It’s a real shame we never got to see this on the big screen.

3. Leia is the chosen one, not Luke

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Princess Leia (Credit: Screen Rant)

Not sure how I personally feel about this one as it kind of diminishes the purpose of the original trilogy. My own personal feelings aside, George Lucas intended to have Leia be revealed as the chosen one after becoming Supreme chancellor.

Are you angry we never got to see any of this? Or are you happy with the trilogy that we did get? Let us know in the comments.