Ghostwire Tokyo

Ghostwire: Tokyo Is A Fresh Take On The Open-World Action Genre

An action packed gameplay trailer has been released for the newest game from developer Tango Gameworks. Ghostwire: Tokyo is a game steeped in magical combat and Japanese folklore that will hopefully breath some much needed fresh air into the first person action genre.

Who are Tango Gameworks?

Tango Gameworks is a Japanese game development studio based in Tokyo since 2010. The company was created by the legendary Shinji Mikami, who among his achievements as game director created Resident Evil, God Hand, Vanquish and Who Framed Roger Rabbit for the GBA. The last maybe not so impressive, but everyone starts somewhere. What is apparent in any games influenced by Mikami is that you’re going to have some fun gameplay elements that keep the player invested and a wild ride that leaves you wanting more.

So far, Tango Gameworks has 2 titles under it’s belt. The Evil Within released in 2013 and it’s sequel, The Evil Within 2, released 2017.

The first game, while aspiring to equal the success of the Resident Evil franchise, was unfinished and disappointing. It tried to tap into the western audience with the inclusion of Jennifer Carpenter from ‘Dexter‘ and the horrible ‘Qurarantine‘, wherein her inexperience in voice acting further damaged the game to the point where she wasn’t invited back for the sequel. What was ultimately evident, however was that the game wasn’t given enough time to develop an ending. A problem that was rectified by the sequel, which improved upon the original in every way. Albeit, without Mikami at the helm.

However, what was evident in both these games was their dedication to making some truly terrifying monster designs and intense stealth/action combat. Now, Tango Gameworks seems intent to once again raise the bar with Ghostwire: Tokyo. A game that seeks to stray away from the typical western style presented in The Evil Within to create a wholly unique game with exciting magical combat.

Japanese Wizard Simulator

Ghostwire: TokyoGameplay trailer

At a first glance, Ghostwire: Tokyo contains an aesthetic similar to the 2014 game Lichdom: Battlemage, (even down to the semi-colon). But where Lichdom: Battlemage was a fairly linear game, Ghostwire: Tokyo expands into a fully traversable open world ready to be explored.

With the ‘Tengu’ ability, you’ll essentially be able to traverse wide open areas and travel up buildings with an ethereal grappling hook. This enables you to search for secrets and further ways to improve your magical prowess to vanquish dangerous Yokai that plague the fog fallen streets of Tokyo.

Each enemy that you face in the game presents a different strategy to defeat and there are more than enough magical countermeasures to ensure that no enemy is left standing by combat’s end.

Stealth is also a completely viable option, with visceral silent attacks and the use of an enchanted bow making quick work of the enemy. With these, you are given the option to play the game your own way and experiment with whatever play-style you choose.

The game is set within a deserted Tokyo. Instantly, the entire population vanishes and it is up to Akito, one of the only humans left alive, to reclaim Tokyo from it’s demonic yokai occupants.

Accompanying the Akito, is a spirit named KK, who serves as his guide through the demon infested streets of Tokyo. It is this spirit that gives Akito his powers; over the elements of water, wind, fire and others yet to be revealed. These spells, used in combination with each other can create opportunities for a devastating attacks known as ‘Wired-In Mode’ that can boost your powers and eliminate all enemies in a single blow. Through perfectly timed counter attacks, the player can also change the tide of battle and unlock opportunities to vanquish enemies with impressive finishing moves that rip the souls from enemies bodies in colourful fashion. Talisman in addition to other items and spells can be used for area of effects attacks, while bunching up enemies together ensures that you get the most out of your damage.


Ghostwire: Tokyo represents an exciting premise. An opportunity for the player to explore a culturally accurate depiction of Tokyo, while allowing them to do battle with various creatures inspired by Japanese folklore and myths. The inclusion of magical combat is particularly inspired, allowing for some unique gameplay combinations that will no doubt push the game higher than it’s predecessors and allow Tango Gameworks to surpass it’s creator and create even greater games in the future.

Ghostwire: Tokyo currently has the release schedule of March 25th, 2022.