Hacksmith Industries Arc Reactor Shield

Hacksmith Industries is the best channel on YouTube. Here’s why.

James Hobson started Hacksmith Industries all the way back in 2006. Formerly known as simply ‘The Hacksmith’, James has grown the channel to over 12 million loyal subscribers. Here’s why it’s the best channel on YouTube.

What is Hacksmith Industries?

Hacksmith Industries takes fictional gadgets and inventions and turns them into real life working prototypes. Not only this though, each step of the process is carefully filmed. Everything is documented and explained so that no viewer is left behind. Even someone not so bright like myself is able to follow along with some pretty complex concepts and ideas.

The genius of Hacksmith Industries videos is that they are both fun and educational. I have been tricked into learning things too many times to count!

What do they make?

Hacksmith Industries Mjolnir
Hacksmith Industries Mjolnir

Hacksmith Industries has made all sorts of gizmos and gadgets over the years but they are all mainly inspired by movies, video games and comic books.

Some of the most outrageous items include a Captain America Arc Reactor Shield, the world’s heaviest Mjolnir Hammer and also Spider-man web shooters that you can actually swing from. Some pretty crazy stuff!

However, there was one particular invention they even managed to receive a Guinness World record for. This was of course the World’s first real Lightsaber. Well technically, the World’s first retractable plasma based Proto-Saber. A Proto-Saber is basically the same as a Lightsaber but has an external power source.

How does the Hacksmith Industries Lightsaber work?

Hacksmith Industries Lightsaber
Hacksmith Industries Lightsaber

The Lightsaber blade is actually powered by a mix of liquid propane gas and oxygen. It’s fully retractable at the flick of a switch and burns at approximately 4000 degrees Fahrenheit. You for sure wouldn’t want to be hit by this thing.

The Lightsaber can even change color. Five colors to be precise. Blue, green, yellow, red and amber. Although it’s best to watch out if someone chooses red.

The best YouTube channel

Hacksmith Industries is the best channel on YouTube because it not only entertains but it educates. Sure there are other channels that do this too (shoutout to Mark Rober) but I’m a huge Marvel fan. I love Star Wars. I love DC.

It’s crazy to watch someone build something that up until that point was a work of fiction that came from the mind of a comic book writer. We’d all love to have an Iron Man suit or a Captain America Shield. Hacksmith Industries has shown us that if you have enough desire and determination you can build pretty much anything you want.

James Hobson and everyone at Hacksmith Industries have likely inspired thousands of people to get involved in STEM fields. People that could create the solutions of the future even if they only first got involved because they wanted a flying Iron Man suit.

Check them out on YouTube for yourself by clicking here. What is your favorite channel on YouTube? Let us know in the comments below or over on social media. As always, thanks for reading.