Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill shares what people would be surprised to learn about him

Henry Cavill is a nerd God. In the best way possible. Not only is he Superman, he also plays Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher series on Netflix. If this wasn’t enough, the Man of Steel actor also built his own Gaming PC and posted a video of the process online. Legendary stuff.

Henry Cavill is one of us

Henry Cavill
Image via Instagram – Henry Cavill

In a recent interview Henry Cavill was asked what would people be surprised to learn about him. The actor paused for a while before finally giving his answer. Here is what he had to say:

That I actually genuinely go to all the superhero websites and read all the forums.

Henry Cavill

Right from the horse’s mouth. Henry Cavill is one of us. Reading fan theories, rating character costumes and talking about our favorite Superhero movies. The Internet’s crush on Ryan Reynolds is justified but this man doesn’t get the credit he deserves. Henry, if you’re reading this, we think you’re massively underrated.

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