How much can Captain america lift

How much can Captain America lift?

Captain America is leader of the Avengers. He was created through the use of super-soldier serum to help America win the war against Nazi Germany in the 1940s. While Steve Rogers becomes superhuman in the MCU as a result of this, it is not the case in Marvel Comics where the character is described as “the peak of human condition”. Therefore, in the MCU, Cap is stronger than his comics counterpart, much stronger.

Captain America’s Incredible feats of strength

To investigate just how much Captain America can lift we need to take a look at some of his incredible feats of strength that he has shown throughout the Infinity Saga.

Holding down a helicopter

In Captain America: Civil War Steve Rogers is able to hold down a helicopter which is trying to take off. The classic Captain America bicep bulging scene.

Throwing a motorcycle

In the opening scene of Avengers: Age of Ultron Captain America uses the motorcycle he is riding as a projectile. Launching the vehicle a hundred feet towards enemy forces.

Stopping a punch from Thanos

In one of the closing scenes of Avengers: Infinity War Steve manages to stop a punch from Thanos who at the time was in possession of five Infinity Stones. The same Thanos who beat the crap out of The Hulk earlier in that same movie.

Lifting a structural metal beam

In what is likely his most impressive feat of strength, in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America is able to lift a large structural steel beam on the helicarrier to save his friend Bucky Barnes. These structural beams are incredibly heavy.

How much can Captain America lift then?

While it may not look as exciting as some of his other feats of strength, the force required to lift a large structural beam is massive. It’s estimated that the beam Steve lifted weighs anywhere between 10 to 50 tons. This means that Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe can lift somewhere between ten and fifty tons. This is equivelant to 20,000 pounds on the low end and 100,000 pounds on the high end.

While Steve did only lift the beam a couple of inches, it’s probably worth taking into account that he had been stabbed by Bucky just moments earlier.

So Captain America in the MCU is much more than just “the peak of human condition”. No human could ever come anywhere close to the Incredible feats he has shown.