How Powerful is Carnage?

With the release of the second trailer for the Venom sequel Venom: Let There Be Carnage, fans got their first good look at Woody Harrelson as the symbiote villain Carnage. Carnage looks terrifying in the trailer and is set to cause a lot of trouble for both Venom and the rest of the city.

The villain can be showcased terrorising Venom and a number of other individuals throughout the trailer, using the symbiote to create a variety of weaponry to terrorise and harm.

While many diehard fans are eager to see more of Carnage and Cletus Kasady, many individuals are unaware of Carnage’s origins and how powerful the villain really is. Even though he is a constant foe to both Spider-Man and Venom, Carnage has proven himself to be a threat powerful enough to take on the rest of Marvel’s heroes. Including Captain America, Wolverine, Deadpool, Iron Man and even the Avengers.

Who is Carnage?

Carnage by Spdrmnkyxxiii

Cletus Kasady is a serial killer and psychopath that has killed many people during his lifetime. As a child, Kasady killed his grandmother and his pet dog, while also trying to kill his mother on numerous occasions. Kasady later became an orphan and was sent to an orphanage, with the sadistic child burning down the orphanage after copping abuse from the other children.

Kasady was sent to Ryker’s Island after a number of murders and eventually became cell mates with Venom host Eddie Brock. The Venom symbiote eventually found Eddie and reunited with him, unknowingly leaving behind its offspring.

This offspring eventually bonded to Kasady’s blood through a small cut, making the Carnage symbiote have its red appearance, which resulted in Carnage being more powerful than Venom. From the footage showcased in the trailers, it seems that Carnage’s origins will be close to the comics, as the sociopath biting Eddie seems to have infused the Carnage symbiote to his blood.

In the comics, it took the power of both Spider-Man and Venom combined to eventually defeat the homicidal villain, however he would return to plague the Marvel Universe once more.

How powerful is Carnage?

Carnage (Sony Pictures)

Carnage possesses super strength and has proven to be stronger than both Venom and Spider-Man combined (as mentioned earlier), with the villain being undetectable by Spider-Man’s Spider Sense while also having a variety of abilities that Venom does not possess.

This includes being able to make ranged projectiles to shoot at his enemies and shape shift his body, creating weapons such as axes and swords with his arms which he uses to cause great harm to his enemies.

Much like Venom, Carnage also has some similar abilities to Spider-Man, including wall crawling, web swinging and can generate his own webbing. These abilities already make him a match for the Wall Crawler and Venom, however it is his other abilities that make him a stronger adversary.

Carnage has been known to be able to withstand bullets, explosives and energy blasts, making it hard to damage the dangerous villain.

He has managed to defeat Spider-Man, Venom, the Avengers and Deadpool all on seperate occasions, showcasing his true strength against Marvel’s mightiest heroes.

Carnage can clone himself

In the recent storyline Carnage USA, the villain also developed a new ability to create clone symbiotic copies of himself. These clones were able to takeover many innocent people in a small town and turn them into Carnage slaves, giving the madman control over them.

Carnage has a range of healing abilities, including a healing factor and restorative abilities. These restorative abilities allow him to regenerate from severe injuries, including decapitation and loss of limbs, which makes it difficult for any enemies to to kill him or severely damage him.

News of Carnage’s terror reached the Avengers, who sent out a small team comprising of Captain America, Hawkeye, Spider-Man, Wolverine and The Thing to stop the villain and free the town. Carnage uses his newfound abilities to take control of all the heroes besides Spider-Man, giving him some of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe to use as his minions.

Although he was eventually defeated by Spider-Man, it took the added assistance of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Venom to eventually defeat the Carnage controlled Avengers and the horrible villain himself. However, this new power showcased the danger Carnage can cause to civilisation and how fast the villain could potentially overthrow society.

While it is unclear which of these powers will be translated to the big screen, it is evident that Carnage is going to be quite powerful. Woody Harrelson’s version of the character can be seen using the shapeshifting and morphing abilities to defeat the forces trying to stop his escape from prison. The fact that the Venom symbiote is showcased hiding from Carnage is also an indicator that this portrayal of the character is likely to be stronger than its “father.”

Cletus Kasady is a psychopath

Cletus Kasady (Sony Pictures)

Cletus Kasady is quite a dangerous threat without the symbiote as well. As mentioned previously, he is a serial killer and was arrested on eleven murder charges (with the likelihood of committing a lot more murders), which showcases that he has no morals and will willingly kill people by any horrific means. His deranged mind also means that he feels no remorse and can be quite unpredictable. While obviously not as powerful as he is with the symbiote, Kasady is not to be taken lightly.

There have been multiple versions of Carnage across both comics and media, with a variety of different hosts and varying power levels over all the differing versions of the character. However, the one thing that remains a constant is that Carnage is a major threat for Spider-Man, Venom and any other foe he comes up against. That does not seem to have changed, with Tom Hardy’s Venom likely to have his hands full battling against his offspring.

Carnage and Venom will do battle in Venom: Let There Be Carnage in US theatres on September 24th, comprising of a cast featuring Tom Hardy, Woody Harrelson, Michelle Williams, Naomie Harris and Stephen Graham.