How tall is yoda

How tall are Yoda, Grogu and Yaddle?

Judge me by my size, do you? The iconic quote spoken by Jedi Master Yoda in Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back. Fans will know him as the little wise green alien, but how tall is Yoda?

Yoda Height

Yoda is 2 Feet, 2 inches tall (66cm) according to Wookiepedia. This is approximately the equivelant of a 4 month old child – or slightly taller than 2 Subway sandwiches stood upright.

When Yoda Dies Meme
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Although Yoda is little in stature, it does not reduce his fighting abilities. The Jedi Master is quick, agile and tactically superior to almost every enemy he faces off against. Something that was evident when he fought against Count Dooku in Attack of the Clones.

Baby Yoda/Grogu1’1″
Yoda species height chart

It’s not only Yoda though. There are two other notable figures in the Star Wars universe of the same species. A species which is commonly known as Yoda’s species – the official name is still unknown to this day. These others are:

  • Grogu/Baby Yoda
  • Yaddle

Both Yaddle and Grogu are the same species as Yoda and therefore have similar identifying characteristics. Both are green. Both have pointy ears. And both are little in size.

Grogu/Baby Yoda Height

Grogu is just 1 foot and 1 inch tall – exactly half the height of Yoda. Which makes sense as he is just a baby. At least a baby in his lifespan’s terms.

Yaddle Height

Yaddle on the other hand is closer in age to Yoda so is of similar height. She sat on the Jedi High Council during the last years of the Galactic Republic. Yaddle is 2 foot tall exactly.

Are Yoda and Yaddle related?

No, Yoda and Yaddle are not related. At least there is no supporting written or spoken evidence to suggest this is the case.

At 900 years old, Yoda was almost double the age of Yaddle at the time of his death. Yaddle viewed Yoda as more of a mentor and inspiration as a fellow member of the Jedi Council.