Batman height

How tall is Batman in DC?

Batman is a towering shadowy figure you would not want to meet in a dark alley. Especially if you’re a criminal. With the pointed ears on his cowl outlining the DC character’s dark silhouette, it’s something that most people would find intimidating. In fact, the Dark Knight’s intimidation factor is something that would make the caped crusader appear taller than he really is. So, how tall is Batman exactly?

Batman Height in DC Comics

Batman’s official height is 6 feet, 2 inches tall (188 centimeters) according to DC Comics. While this is the character’s official height, the actors who have played the masked vigilante on screen over the years have varied significantly. See for yourself below:

ActorHeightMovie/TV series
David Mazouz5’9″Gotham
Michael Keaton5’9″Batman, Batman Returns
George Clooney5’11”Batman & Robin
Val Kilmer6’0″Batman Forever
Christian Bale6’0″Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises
Robert Pattinson6’1″The Batman
Adam West6’2″Batman
Ben Affleck6’4″Batman V Superman, The Justice League
Batman Actor Heights

The actors range from 5 feet 9 inches tall all the way up to 6 feet 4 inches tall. And while the actors heights may vary in the movies and TV, this still doesn’t change Batman’s canonical comics height of 6’2″.

The tallest Batman

Ben Affleck tallest Batman
Image: Warner Bros.

Ben Affleck is the tallest ever on screen Batman/Bruce Wayne. The actor stands at 6 feet 4 inches tall making him taller than any other actor than has donned the suit and cape to date.

Michael Keaton, who played the titular character in Batman and Batman Returns comes in at joint-shortest alongside David Mazouz who wore the Batman suit just once – in the series finale of Gotham.

Who is taller, Batman or Superman?

According to DC Comics, Superman’s official height is 6 feet and 3 inches, making him just one inch taller than Batman who comes in at 6 feet, 2 inches. So while they both might have mother’s called Martha, that’s where the similarities end and it’s the Kryptonian who comes out on top when it comes to height.