How to save the DCEU without the multiverse

It’s the age old question, which is better – Marvel or DC? For what it’s worth everyone’s a winner in the argument as both strive to create the best content for fans to consume. The general consensus is that Marvel has taken top dog status due to the MCU and rightfully so. The DCEU has simply not lived up to the hype while also causing some division within its die hard fan base.

Do not fear DC fans! There is yet hope to save the movie universe without solely relying on the multiverse that The Flash movie will bring! Due to the failure of The Justice League and the Snyderverse as a whole (I understand there are arguments for and against it really being a failure) there are plenty of options for Warner Brothers to pursue that do not include one off movies/trilogies. Yes, we are getting the Battinson trilogy, along with more Wonder Woman, but limiting other fan favorite characters strictly to HBO Max without any movie time seems a waste. The multiverse is going to be great, it opens an infinite number of ideas that can include whatever one-off movies they want. However, deep down I know every DC fanboy just like myself is wanting the movie universe continuity just like Marvel fans have received! Why should we be ignored?!

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Warner Brothers should be able to achieve success in both areas with just a little bit of creative thinking. The Flash movie should involve a Flashpoint storyline which could easily open up the possibility of a multiverse and also continue the DCEU’s original arc. What is the solution then? Batman. DC’s solution is always Batman. This time however it is not Bruce Wayne’s Batman. The Battinson trilogy is going to give us a great trilogy, hopefully, and we do not need to beat down an already worn Batman, all we need is the Bat Family!

Comic book fans have already shown the ability to forego identical comic book arcs in cinema if the characters are true to form. The Flash movie can act as the anchor for both the continuation and the multiverse. One solution is to kill off Ben Affleck’s Batman! I know that seems to go against everything Warner Brothers tries to do with Batman, but it can work in more ways than one. First it will allow them to finish out the Battinson trilogy and alleviate any confusion some might have. The next order of business is to pull directly from the comics and go for a Battle for the Cowl trilogy series and give newer characters more time to shine like Nightwing, Azrael along with Robin and Batgirl. Lastly, after the years of movies that could be made about the Bat Family, the multiverse single movies/trilogies, and even the continuation of the Justice League that we have grown to know, it can all lead up to the return of Batman. Batman’s death in Flashpoint by an unlikely appearance from Darkseid, or more fitting, the Reverse Flash, can open the Return of Bruce Wayne story arc. A movie or two of Bruce trying to fight his way through history only to return to present day Gotham after tons of changes would be a sight to behold. It also allows DC to recast Ben Affleck since he seems be on his way out after Flashpoint if he does indeed return.

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The source material is there for Warner Brothers, they just need to use it. It may seem like all is lost for the movie universe, but it is not, WB just need to find their own Kevin Feige who understands and can bring about a bit of connection and flow. Geoff Johns is a producer in a lot of these movies. Using him more and having Warner Brothers designate one creative director would do wonders. The multiverse is coming, characters like Static Shock are on the way and hopefully some more characters like Terry McGinnis in a Batman Beyond series makes an appearance as well. Let us just hope Warner Brothers makes the effort to save the existing universe as well.