Iron Man vs Batman

Iron Man vs Batman: Who wins and how?

  • Situation: Both characters in their base form with no prior knowledge of each other.
  • Location: Gotham.
  • Batman’s Advantages: Fighting skill, Battle IQ, advanced technology in suit and utility belt.
  • Iron Man’s Advantages: Battle IQ, advanced suit of armor with an array of offensive and defensive capabilities, as well as flight.

Scenario 1:

While enroute back to New York City, flying over Gotham, Iron Man spots a masked man thoroughly bludgeoning another man on the roof of a lavish high-rise. Iron Man lands next to the two men and asks, ‘What’s going on here fellas?  Is this an episode of One Sided Ass Whoopings?“. Batman responds, “An interrogation. Go Away.”. Iron Man asks, “Who are you? Manbat?”. As Batman dislocates the man’s thumb, he growls, “I’m Batman.”.

Not knowing the man is a part of drug ring, and hearing the man scream, Iron Man blasts Batman into the exit door of the stairwell with his repulsor ray. As Iron Man checks on the injured man, Batman throws 2 batarangs that bounce harmlessly off Iron Man’s armor. Seeing this, Batman takes an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) device from his utility belt, and uses it ineffectively. Iron Man tells Batman, “That’s cute. I haven’t been susceptible to EMP’s in years.”.

Iron Man returns fire with his repulsor rays, but Batman easily dodges them. Batman asks Iron Man, “Who are you?”. Iron Man responds, “I’m the hero. You must be the other guy.”. Batman tries his explosive batarangs, but at this point Iron Man has his suit’s shields deployed.

In an effort to end the battle quickly, Iron Man flies into the air, then carpet bombs a perimeter around Batman to prevent his escape. In an attempt to flee, Batman shoots his grappling gun at the nearest building. Before the cable becomes taut, Iron Man blasts the entire area, and Batman with his stun ray.

When Batman falls to the ground, Iron Man flies down to check on his fallen foe. By sheer will, Batman attempts to get to his feet. Iron Man puts his metal hand on Batman’s shoulder and holds him down. After analyzing Batman’s suit, Iron Man determines 200 volts of electricity is necessary to penetrate Batman’s suit and render him unconscious.  Batman gruffly asks, “Who are you?”. Iron Man sends the electricity surging through Batman and responds, “I’m Iron Man.”.

Winner: Iron Man

Scenario 2 (Just for fun)

Iron Man and Batman in their current comic incarnations.  Batman and Iron Man mistake each other for villains. Batman throws 2 batarangs at Iron Man. With The Power Cosmic, Iron Man turns them into butterflies. As Batman reaches for more devices from his utility belt, Iron Man waves his hand and freezes Batman in place. Iron Man floats over to Batman and tells him, “That was fun Bruce”, then he teleports a defeated Batman back to Wayne Manor.

Winner: Iron Man

The Verdict

Despite Batman’s far superior fighting skill, a random encounter between the two Billionaires would only go one way. Iron Man comes out on top against Batman due to his high tech suit of armor and his ability to fly.