Captain Carter

Is Captain Carter worthy enough to lift Mjolnir?

Marvel’s most recent animated series of intertwined vignettes What If…? has officially ended leaving fans theorizing about what is going to come next in the Multiverse saga. The show ended on a good note while also giving fans what might be a big reveal about the MCU variant of Peggy Carter, Captain Carter. Let’s break down What If…? episode 9 to see what it revealed about Captain Carter.

She can do this all day

Since MCU phase 1 Peggy Carter has always been shown to be loyal and protective like her other half, Steve Rogers. This was most evident in Captain America: The First Avenger. One of the 2011 film’s highlights was when Colonel Phillips throws a grenade to test the integrity of Steve Rogers. Steve was ready to make the sacrifice play. However, he wasn’t the only one. Peggy Carter was also ready to put her life on the line, but she only came in as a runner-up. Despite Steve taking the serum, it goes without question that Peggy Carter also deserved to be a super soldier.

What If…? episode 1 capitalizes on this huge plot point and shows us that the only other person worthy of being a super soldier is Peggy Carter.

Is Captain Carter worthy?

Captain Carter Mjolnir
Captain Carter with Mjolnir

The morals of Steve Rogers are what makes him worthy of wielding Mjonir in Avengers: Endgame but what about Captain Carter in the What If…? series and the overall MCU? Both characters seem to hold similar beliefs, values and morals.

The What If…? season finale contains a brief shot of Captain Carter holding Mjolnir’s handle in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment through the Guardians of The Multiverse’ long hard fight against Infinite Ultron. It’s important to note that she is just holding the handle and not wielding the hammer. It’s likely to just be a simple little reference with no meaning, but this is definitely something Marvel could have shown on purpose to get fans talking. And articles like this one written.

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