Is Deadpool a mutant?

Is Deadpool a Mutant?

Deadpool is one of the most popular characters in all of Marvel. The merc with a mouth, Wade Wilson, became even more popular with the cinematic release of 2016’s Deadpool where Ryan Reynolds played the titular character. While Deadpool and the X-Men storylines are often linked, a common question fans ask is Deadpool a Mutant?

Deadpool Mutant Status

The short answer is no, Deadpool is not a Mutant. He is something called a Mutate. Mutants are all born with something called an X-Gene, a genetic mutation which allows them to naturally develop superhuman powers at any point in their lives. Mutates on the other hand need external factors to give them the same powers. For example, Spider-man got his abilities through a radioactive spider bite making him a mutate also.

Deadpool got his powers through the Weapon X program experimentations. He was not born with an X-Gene so therefore cannot be a mutant. It really is that simple.

Despite the fact that Deadpool is not a Mutant, it doesn’t stop him from going around telling people that he is. Although throughout the years, he is corrected on many occasions by actual mutants.

Mutants vs Mutates

Mutants aren’t just humans with powers, they’re actually classified as a subspecies of human called Homo Sapien Superior. They are born with a genetic mutation which can manifest itself a few different ways. Sometimes it’s superhuman speed, strength or endurance but other times it might just make them look different. It all depends on the gene. The X-Men are the best example of mutants. Wolverine, Cyclops and Magneto are all examples of actual mutants.

Mutates are humans, or homo sapiens, to be more precise. They are people who have gotten their superhuman powers or abilities through a range of external factors. Some of the best examples are Hulk getting his abilities from a high concentration gamma bomb or Spider-man getting his abilities from a radioactive spider bite.


So is Deadpool a mutant? The answer is a very simple no. He is a mutate because he was not born with the X-Gene and got his powers later in life through external factors.