Superman lasso of truth

Is Magic Superman’s biggest weakness?

Superman is the gold standard when it comes to incredibly powerful superheroes. The almost indestructible Man of Steel can withstand pretty much any attack thrown at him but he does have his weaknesses. Kryptonite is the main weakness that most people will be familiar with. However, is magic Superman’s biggest weakness?

Is Superman weak against magic?

The short answer is yes, Superman is indeed weak against magic. Or at least he’s not invulnerable to it, just like everyone else. Although the last son of Krypton can take a beating from almost all physical attacks, he is open to taking a lot more damage when it comes to magic.

And while it’s true that Superman is weak against magic, it is not more damaging to him than Kryptonite. When exposed to this material Superman is barely able to move.

Superman lasso of truth
Image: Warner Bros.

When it comes to magic, Superman is still able to defend himself. We see this in The Justice League movie when Wonder Woman attempts to subdue Superman using her magical lasso of truth. The weapon slows Superman for a short while before he resists and uses it to forcefully pull the Amazonian towards him before proceeding to choke her.

This is in contrast to Superman’s exposure to Kryponite. When Batman uses this against him in Batman v Superman Bruce Wayne is able to dish out out a beat down on Clark Kent.

In the clip below from the animated Justice League Unlimited Shazam again uses magic lightning against Superman but is still unable to defeat him.

Superman vs Shazam Magic

With the release of Black Adam around the corner, even Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is trying to get in on the debate.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson on Superman vs Black Adam’s magic

Sorry Dwayne but we think you’re wrong on this one.

Why is Superman weak against magic?

Superman is weak against magic to the same level that regular people are weak against magic. The man of steel has no special invulnerability in this sense.

Even though Superman has incredible abilities as a result of Earth’s yellow sun, his cells do not have protection against magic.

Other Superman Weaknesses

Superman actually has a few weaknesses. As we’ve mentioned Kryptonite and magic, he is also very susceptible to radiation from a red star and high pitched sounds.

While Earth’s yellow sun is what gives Superman his powers, a red sun does the opposite and weakens Kal-El.

High pitched sounds are effective against Superman because of his incredible hearing abilities. While great in certain situations, it’s often used against him. High pitched sounds have even been known to cause Superman to bleed from his ears. Definitely a weakness then.