Josh Brolin Thanos Cable

Josh Brolin will reportedly return as both Thanos and Cable in the MCU

Josh Brolin’s Thanos remained as the overarching villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for it’s first 3 phases before eventually being defeated in Avengers Endgame. Not only that though, the actor also played villain-turned-hero Cable in Deadpool 2 meaning the actor is familiar with his fair share of Marvel characters.

Just when it appeared like Brolin might be finished with Marvel for good, a new report suggests that the actor could be making a return to the fold.

Josh Brolin back in the MCU?

Reliable scooper @mytimetoshinehello is now reporting that Josh Brolin will be returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not only as Thanos, but also as Cable.


It’s not clear at this point how Marvel would plan to introduce/reintroduce the characters to the MCU but it will likely be the same way they can explain everything now. The Multiverse. It’s basically a cheat code that Marvel can use to logically explain any wild goings-on that occur. Whether that’s in the casting department or the plot.

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