Daredevil MCU

Leak confirms DAREDEVIL is in development at Marvel Studios

Netflix’s Daredevil series was canceled back in 2018 after 3 seasons. The show followed Matt Murdock fighting against crime and injustice in Hells Kitchen while also trying to balance his regular life as a Lawyer. The show was hugely popular amonst long time Marvel fans due to it’s gritty nature and was met with widespread disappointment when it was cancelled.

Recent reports are now suggesting that Marvel could be reviving the character played by Charlie Cox and adapting him to become part of the MCU.

Is Daredevil joining the MCU?

DanielRPK is one of the most reliable Marvel scoopers on the planet so when he posts, we listen.

He recently posted the following to his Twitter account “U know what. F*** it”. The caption was accompanied by an image of a talent grid showing that Marvel Studios are actively searching for talent to produce Daredevil.

Via: @RPK_News1

It’s unclear at this point if it will take the form of a movie or a TV series. Similarly, no information was provided on a release date.

Strong rumors have suggested that the character will make an appearance in Spider-man No Way Home but are so far unconfirmed. It wouldn’t be surprising but given the plethora of rumours surrounding that movie, it should be taken with a pinch of salt.

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