Loki Quiz

LOKI QUIZ: How well do you know Marvel’s Anti-Hero?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been entertaining it’s millions (if not billions) of fans around the world since 2008. This Loki Quiz will test even the mightiest fans. If you are worthy enough to get 10/10 make sure you let us know over on our social media channels. If you enjoy this quiz make sure to check out our other quizzes, latest news and our best Marvel memes of the week roundup. Good Luck!



#1. What is Loki the God of?

#2. What is Loki 'burdened' with?

#3. In LOKI: What does the abbreviation 'TVA' stand for?

#4. As kids, what did Loki turn into before stabbing Thor?

#5. Where was Loki born?

#6. In which MCU movie did Loki first appear?

#7. Who plays Loki in the MCU?

#8. What is Loki's real last name?

#9. What were Loki's final words to Thanos before he died?

#10. Which Infinity Stone does Loki use in his scepter?