Marvel Zombies Live Action

Marvel Zombies Live-Action Project Reportedly in the Works

The Marvel Zombies storyline is a fan favorite concept for many comic book readers. It’s widely popular. So much so that it became a highlight on a recent episode of the currently running Marvel animated series, What If…?


Marvel Zombies Iron Man
Zombie Iron Man (Marvel Studios)

The show focuses on different scenarios that have previously occurred in the MCU with a twist now that the multiverse has officially opened after the events of Loki.

A recent episode showed us what the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be like if Janet Van Dyne had contracted a disease in the Quantum Realm prior to being rescued by Hank Pym. This resulted in global chaos turning the Earths-Mightiest Heroes into flesh-eating zombies.

The Marvel Zombies storyline was written by Robert Kirkman and Sean Phillip. Although it seems like that episode will be the only time we see zombies in the MCU, sources say that may not be the case.

Live Action Marvel Zombies

Marvel Zombies Thanos
Zombie Thanos by @bosslogic

According to former Marvel Comics writer Mark Millar, the creator of Marvels original Civil War, hinted that a project based on the horrifying storyline was in the works despite Marvel not making a single announcement about a project based off the limited Marvel Comics series. Millar went on to say:

(If my sources are correct) a little live-action Marvel Zombies further down the line, but you never heard that from me.

Mark Millar on Marvel Zombies

This could just be passed off as banter and just a case of spreading false information. But it’s important to remember how Millar is actually connected to Marvel Zombies. Millars Fantastic Four comic was spun out as a continuation to Robert Kirkmans Marvel Zombies. It’s safe to say that both writers would get a fair share of the check, making them the first people to know.

It’s definitely a given that the Marvel Cinematic Universe wouldn’t blow all of their popular heroes and talent out the window converting them into flesh-eating zombies that would only be worth 1 mini-series or movie, so this would likely take place in an else-worlds universe that would connect to the MCU through the multiverse. That said, the MCU would have to get creative on how to pull this off this horrific tale in live-action.