Eternals Powers

Marvel’s Eternals Powers – what are they exactly?

Marvel’s Eternals are a race of immortal beings with superpowers who have lived on Earth for thousands of years. Created by The Celestials, the Eternals were made to defend Earth’s population from their evil counterparts, The Deviants. The Eternals all have a set of shared superpowers as well as their own unique powers. Let’s break down those powers with the help of the cast of the upcoming Eternals movie themselves.

Ikaris Powers

Ikaris Eternals Powers
Ikaris (Entertainment Weekly)

Richard Madden plays Ikaris in the Eternals movie. He describes his character’s powers by saying: “His powers are pretty cool. He’s really very strong and has the ability to fly and shoot lasers from his eyes. I suppose the main challenge was trying to make something look effortless”. In the comics, Ikaris’ strength allows him to lift over 40 tons with ease.

As well as the powers mentioned by Madden, Ikaris also has some extra tricks up his sleeve. As an Eternal he is Immortal. He has superhuman durability. In the Marvel comics he even survives being buried under lava. He has superhuman stamina. He also has regenerative capabilities similar to that of Wolverine and can heal from any injury sustained.

Makkari Powers

Makkari Eternals Powers
Makkari (Entertainment Weekly)

Lauren Ridloff plays Makkari in the movie. She describes her character’s powers by saying: “Her most obvious power is speed, but how she manipulates speed as a weapon is just brilliant. So her true power is her smarts.”

According to Makkari can travel at speeds of up to 850 miles per hour. In the comics Makkari is actually a male character however, in the movie the speedster is portrayed as female.

Druig Powers

Druig Eternals Powers
Druig (Entertainment Weekly)

Barry Keoghan plays Druig in Marvel’s Eternals. Keoghan describes his character’s powers by saying “He uses mind control to manipulate and control people. He doesn’t do anything with his hands. He just stares, which is kind of cool.”

In the Marvel comics he once tortured people for the KGB. How about that for a history?!

Phastos Powers

Phastos Eternals Powers
Phastos (Entertainment Weekly)

Brian Tyree Henry plays Phastos in the movie. He describes his character’s powers by saying “They like to call him a techno-path, which basically means he can use his mind and his energy to literally assemble anything out of technology around him”.

Phastos is the Inventor of the group. Using his powers to create weapons and tools. Although he has all the powers of an Eternal like super strength, Phastos prefers the use of brains over braun.

Kingo Powers

Kingo Eternals Powers
Kingo (Entertainment Weekly)

Kumail Nanjiani plays Kingo in Marvel’s Eternals. He describes his character’s powers by saying “He can shoot beams from his arms. From his hands, he shoots beams. Obviously, they add laser beams in post. I didn’t go that method with it. I took martial arts and dance class to figure out what his motion would be when he was shooting.”

In the comics Kingo is a skilled swordsman and uses the fighting style of a samurai. However, with the casting of Kimail Nanjiani it appears as if Kingo’s character for the MCU interpretation may be slightly altered.

Sprite Powers

Sprite Eternals Powers
Sprite (Entertainment Weekly)

Lia McHugh plays Sprite in the movie. She had this to say when asked about her character’s powers: “Sprite can cast illusions! Her powers are utilized in a lot of creative ways in Eternals that become very relevant to the story.”

Sprite’s powers are a lot like that of Norse God of mischief Loki. As the Trickster of the Eternals, she often uses her powers to play pranks on both his fellow Eternals and humans.

Sersi Powers

Sersi Eternals Powers
Sersi (Entertainment Weekly)

Gemma Chan plays Sersi in Marvel’s Eternals and had the following response when asked about her character’s powers: “Sersi can manipulate matter. So inanimate, I suppose. Substances or objects, she can transmute them into other things which is pretty useful. It’s a good thing.”

Sersi is one of the most powerful Eternals. She can reshape and transform matter in whatever way she pleases.

Thena Powers

Thena Eternals Powers
Thena (Entertainment Weekly)

Angelina Jolie plays Thena in the Marvel blockbuster and gave this response when asked about her powers: “I was given the ‘could manifest weapons in my hands’ [power]. A lot of my training was really fun, to try to figure out how to fight that way.”

Thena is known as a fierce warrior. She can create weapons at will and is an expert with almost any type.

Ajak Powers

Ajak Eternals Powers
Ajak (Entertainment Weekly)

Salma Hayek plays Ajak. Hayek had the following to say on her character’s super powers: “Another thing that inspired me was that her superpower is healing. That very much is the sensation of a mother.”

Ajak is another Eternal’s character that has been gender-swapped for the MCU. The power that sets Ajak apart from the other Eternals is that she is able to communicate with The Celestials.

Gilgamesh Powers

Gilgamesh Eternals Powers
Gilgamesh (Entertainment Weekly)

Don Lee plays Gilgamesh. He describes Gilgamesh’s powers by saying “Gilgamesh is immortal, has superhuman strength, and is considered the strongest of the Eternals. He has a unique one-punch knockout attack like a heavyweight boxer. As a long-time boxer myself, I tried to add a lot of real boxing movements.”

Gilgamesh is one of the strongest characters in the entire Marvel Universe. It will be interesting to see if we ever see him face off with the likes of Thor or Hulk in the MCU in a test of strength.

Black Knight Powers

Black Knight Eternals Powers
Black Knight by Raf Grassetti

Finally we have Kit Harrington as Black Knight. Although not part of the Eternals, he will play a key role in the movie. Here is what he had to say on his character’s powers: “I’d just like a power. It was very cool, my interaction with those characters. It was cool to see – and also very jealous-making.”

Dane Whitman is 100% human. He doesn’t have any superhuman abilities. That is until he comes into possession of the Ebony Blade. This is what gives him his superhuman abilities including super speed and super strength. In the Marvel comics Dane Whitman is actually a part of the Avengers at one point.