Mephisto Spiderman No Way Home

Mephisto could be hiding in the Spider-man No Way Home trailer

The Spider-man No Way Home trailer was arguably the most anticipated trailer in history. If you think that is a bit of an overstatement, it managed to smash the record set by Avengers Endgame for most views for a trailer within 24 hours. 355.5 million views to be exact. The excitement is real.

The trailer also didn’t disappoint. It gave us a first glimpse of what we can expect from Peter Parker and the gang as well as confirming that the Marvel Multiverse will play a key role. What does this all have to do with Mephisto though I hear you say? Let’s take a closer look.

Doctor Strange is acting strange

Doctor Strange Spider-man No Way Home
Doctor Strange Spider-man No Way Home (Marvel Studios)

OK so acting strange doesn’t ALWAYS mean you’re the Devil in disguise but Doctor Strange’s actions in the Spider-man No Way Home trailer do appear to be very out of character for the Master of the mystic arts. When Peter arrives at an icy Sanctum Sanctorum and asks for help to make people forget his secret identity, Doctor Strange is all too eager to oblige him.

Given that a spell like this could effect space, time and cause an untold amount of damage via the multiverse, why would Doctor Strange risk performing it just to make a few people forget who Spider-man really is?

Before Wong leaves for a well deserved vacation (or to fight The Abomination in Shang-Chi maybe?) he even reiterates not to perform the spell by saying “it’s too dangerous” making it all the more difficult to find a logical reason why Doctor Strange would do it.

Spider-man One more day

Mephisto (Marvel)

The second piece of evidence comes in the form of comic inspiration. Based on the trailer it would appear that Spider-man No Way Home is going to draw heavily from the One More Day storyline. Bizarrely, because this is one of the most hated storylines in Spider-man comics.

In this comic storyline Peter reveals his true identity to the world but regrets it when Aunt May is shot and injured badly. To rectify this and make the whole world forget who he is Spider-man makes a deal with Mephisto but has to end his marriage to Mary Jane in return.

Given that Mephisto was a key figure in the source material, he could also appear in Spider-man No Way Home.

The Devil in disguise

Spiderman No Way Home trailer
Spiderman No Way Home trailer (Marvel Studios)

In a scene from the trailer we can see Peter Parker walking through a crowd of people holding up signs. Marvel almost make a point of giving us a very clear look at one of that posters that reads “Devil in disguise” with a photo of Peter. Could this be a nod to Doctor Strange actually being the Devil in disguise?

This one isn’t even too much of a stretch and seems very intentional on the part of Marvel. Maybe even too intentional.

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