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Mobius says one word and the MCU has vampires

The most recent episode of Loki on Disney+ continued to build the next levels of mythology around the fan-favorite character. But more than that happened. As Owen Wilson’s Mobius was taking a walk down memory lane, he mentioned a couple of previous missions. In addition to Kree and Titans, one of those missions apparently involved vampires and that’s a word with serious weight in Marvel Comics.

Vampires are, by no means, exclusive to Marvel. Stories about these creatures predates comic books by centuries. And modern media has spent a lot of time both popularizing and romanticizing them. Mobius mentioning them is the first serious acknowledgment of vampires in the MCU, potentially setting up the appearances of Blade, Morbius, and someone much, much worse.

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Blade is coming to hunt vampires

The Blade film franchise starring Wesley Snipes was arguably the start of the modern era of comic book films. Without its success, there’s a good chance that a lot of the movies fans are getting today never would have happened. Fans know that a reboot starring Mahershala Ali as the day-walking vampire hunter is coming. As is often the case with the MCU, there are no further details than that.

Knowing that Mobius and the TVA have dealt with vampires in the timeline means that they are already around. Conversely, that also means that Blade may also already be hunting vampires in the MCU. Loki might not directly lead to his introduction but it has confirmed that vampires are out there. That is a huge first step on the path to getting Blade in the mix.

Morbius is already on his way

Morbius (Sony Pictures)

It’s honestly a surprise how many of Spider-Man’s allies and enemies are all the results of science gone wrong. Dr. Kurt Connors was trying to regrow his missing arm using lizard DNA and turned himself into the Lizard. The Wall-Crawler himself got his powers when an experimental spider got loose and bit him. Morbius is a whole other issue.

Dr. Michael Morbius had a rare blood disorder. His insane attempt at a cure turned him into a living vampire. Morbius has the powers and the thirst with none of the limitations. A Sony movie starring Jared Leto is coming out in 2022. While the movie isn’t technically part of the MCU, it is MCU adjacent as it’s part of Spider-Man’s world of films. Alternate timelines with vampires could easily be referring to Morbius, part of setting him up.

The king of all vampires may be coming

Without question, the most famous vampire of all time is Dracula. This character was first popularized in Bram Stoker’s classic story. Since then, Dracula has appeared in countless movies, TV series, books, comics, video games, and more. He has also held an important role in Marvel Comics over the years, facing off against the likes of Blade, Deadpool, the X-Men, Spider-Man, Silver Surfer, and Doctor Strange.

Being that Dracula is a public domain character, he could be introduced to MCU without any issues. Plus, bringing such a notorious and well-known character into this world has a huge upside. The MCU has long had a villain issue as the most engaging ones rarely survive. Dracula always comes back in Marvel Comics and is a key villain in many stories. Now that vampires are MCU canon, that means Dracula could also be lurking behind the scenes.