New spiderman no way home trailer

NEW Spider-man No Way Home trailer to drop next week

The first trailer for Spider-man No Way Home shattered records when it released back in August 2020. The trailer achieved 355.5 million global views in the first 24 hours. The previous record holder was Avengers Endgame which amassed 289 million views over the same time period. The hype for Spider-man No Way Home is real. With rumors swirling of multiple Spider-man/Spider-men appearing, expect this trailer to break that record again.

When will the new Spider-man No Way Home trailer be released?

Spider-man No Way Home
Spider-man No Way Home concept poster by @ajdesigns0220

News has broke today for when we might potentially get a second trailer for Spider-man No Way Home. According to super reliable insider DanielRPK, the second trailer for Spider-man No Way Home will be released next week. The Twitter influencer posted the update to his official Patreon account. No specific date has been provided by the scooper but at least now we have a date range. Expect the new trailer to drop between November 15th and November 19th.

UPDATE: Trailer Launch Fan Event announced for Tuesday, November 16th. The trailer will be shared online shortly after the event which will take place in LA.

Co-incidentally Ghostbusters Afterlife will premiere in theatres on November 19th. A movie which is also made by Sony Pictures. Meaning that it’s highly likely that the new Spider-man No Way Home trailer will be attached to this for the movies release.

Are you excited for the new Spider-man No Way Home trailer? Do you think we will see more than one Spider-man appear? Let us know in the comments who you would like to see appear in the trailer. Alternatively, get in touch with us over on social media @GeeksGonnaGeek. As always, thanks for reading.

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