John Cena Peacemaker

Peacemaker Episode 7 Review: ‘Stop Dragon My Heart Around’

Peacemaker has been a sensation for the DCEU, with the series managing to combine an emotional story with comedic aspects and non-stop action. The latest episode brings carries on plot threads teased in the previous episode. This includes the match-up between Peacemaker (John Cena) and his father Auggie Smith aka the White Dragon (Robert Patrick). Meanwhile, the rest of the group attempt to evade the butterflies that have taken over the Evergreen Police officers and prisoners.

Peacemaker vs The White Dragon

A flashback reveals that Auggie forced both Chris and his brother Keith to fight, resulting in his death. In the present, Peacemaker heads out to take out the cow mentioned in the previous episode. He pairs up with Vigilante (Freddie Stroma), leaving out the rest of the team. However, Economos (Steve Agee) follows them to assist and keep the two costumed vigilantes under control.

On their way to the ranch, their vehicle is taken out by the White Dragon. He attempts to take down Peacemaker with an energy blast but is distracted by Vigilante. Vigilante uses a grenade to damage White Dragon, in the process hurting himself. Peacemaker and Economos discover that Auggie is tracking them due to Peacemaker’s helmets, which leads to the anti-hero hilariously tying it to a raccoon.

While this sequence of scenes between Peacemaker and Auggie is full of emotion and tension, it is a credit to James Gunn that he is able to bring comedy to the sequence. From Peacemaker’s raccoon scratches to Vigilante taking a toilet break with his pants around his ankles, this helps break up the tension and keeps the episode from going too dark.

Peacemaker is attacked by a number of White Dragon followers, as his father joins the fray. Eagly manages to defeat a number of the White Dragon followers but is injured by an energy blast from Auggie. This makes Peacemaker lose it, as he attacks his father. It seems that Auggie is getting the upper hand, as his enforcers takedown Vigilante and he is ready to kill his son. However, Economos enters the fray and saves Vigilante and the White Dragon suit loses its ability to shoot energy blasts. Peacemaker starts wailing on his father and telling him it is his fault Keith died.

This sequence is full of emotion and Cena pulls it off perfectly, showcasing Peacemaker’s emotion with each punch and cry. Patrick portrays Auggie perfectly in this scene, who berates and insults his son throughout the scene until Peacemaker finally puts him down. Peacemaker breaks down into tears, with Cena continuing to display his acting talents throughout this scene.

Death of Murn/Judomaster subplot

The rest of the group spends the episode attempting to leave their hotel rooms since the butterflies now have the Police captain’s memories. Harcourt (Jennifer Holland) deciphers that Adebayo (Danielle Brooks) was the one to plant the diary in Peacemaker’s trailer, causing distrust in the team. Murn (Chukwudi Iwuji) enters and informs them they have no time to argue, as the Evergreen Police Department approaches.

The police arrive while Adebayo and Harcourt are outside. Murn tells them to escape, as he tries to take down as many butterflies as he can. However, Murn is quickly dealt with, as both his human form and alien form are murdered. Both Harcourt and Adebayo have little time to deal with the grief, as Judomaster attacks them. Judomaster quickly takes down Adebayo and has a well-choreographed fight with Harcourt.

This action sequence is a great showcase of Harcourt’s abilities and gives her the chance to shine, even though Adebayo finishes the fight. The pair bond after this as they fix each other’s wounds.

The entire group meets up at a veterinary clinic, as Vigilante tries to decide whether to kill the nurses. His comedy throughout the episode keeps the entry from being the darkest entry, with Freddie Stroma continuing to be one of the main highlights. As Adebayo attempts to leave the group, she sees Peacemaker praying to God as Eagly lays unconscious on the table.

This scene goes to show once more that Peacemaker is a good guy and really cares for his best friend. When Eagly awakens, he hugs his best friend, with the miracle convincing Adebayo to stay with the team and help them take down the butterflies. Seeing Eagly survive was such a blessing, as this writer may not have been able to handle that death.

The group elects Harcourt as their new leader, giving Holland a different role to portray. She gives them the rundown on the situation through a voiceover, as it is revealed the source of the butterflies’ food is a giant blob alien. It seems the group will be taking on the army of butterflies in the finale, as they attempt to stop the invasion.