Peacemaker Episode 8

Peacemaker Episode 8 Review: ‘It’s Cow or Never’

Peacemaker has been a major hit for the DCEU, with the series garnering fans around the globe. With the announcement of season two, fans were excited to see the season finale and the setup for the next season. The finale, titled ‘It’s Cow or Never,’ wraps up the story neatly and in an enjoyable Peacemaker fashion. The finale showcases both Danielle Brooks and John Cena’s acting abilities, as the team partakes in a blood bath to take out the butterflies.

The finale features a shootout, great team dynamics, and an amazing cameo to wrap up the season. Peacemaker’s season finale is everything fans have loved about the series and more.

New Team Dynamics

With Murn’s untimely demise in the last episode, the team has a new leader in Harcourt (Jennifer Holland). The team dynamic is tested in this episode after Peacemaker (John Cena) discovers Adebayo’s (Danielle Brooks) betrayal in the previous episode. After Adebayo loses Peacemaker’s anti-gravity helmet and Eagly loses the sonic boom helmet, the team is frustrated as completing their mission is dire.

While the team splits up to search for the helmet, Peacemaker is haunted by his father. Auggie Smith (Robert Patrick), while being a figment of Peacemaker’s imagination, still manages to haunt the hero who is dealing with killing Auggie. After finding the helmet, Peacemaker brutally takes out a guard. The group decides to dress Economos (Steve Agee) up as a guard and have him deliver the helmet to the bottom of the barn.

Economos manages to complete the mission while discovering what the cow looks like. He is interrogated about his beard, revealing his insecurities and making Peacemaker feel bad for bullying him. The butterflies discover the plan and chase Economos down in true horror movie fashion. Adebayo saves Economos by utilizing the helmet’s sonic boom, killing many butterflies and making the others flee to help the cow.

Battle for Earth

It was always bound to come to a bloodbath, as the team gears up for war. Harcourt, Vigilante (Freddie Stroma), and Peacemaker head out to the show’s theme song, as the trio starts tearing it up on the battlefield. Killing butterflies with gunshots, sword slicing, and a dove shield, this action-packed scene will have fans grinning. The showcase also displays how the heroes are not immortal, as all three are taken down.

After Harcourt goes down, Adebayo enters the battlefield. Economos hilariously trips over a fence and breaks his leg, with the scene being very in character. The sequence showcases how Adebayo has grown to care for her team, saving Harcourt from becoming a butterfly and assisting Peacemaker against the Goff butterfly.

Goff has seen Peacemaker’s character and does not want to fight. Instead, she offers him a choice to help the butterflies teleport the cow away. As it turns out, the butterflies are trying to save Earth from the same fate that ended their planet. Still, Peacemaker decides killing multiple people for peace is not worth it and uses Adebayo to destroy the cow and Goff’s body.

Amazing Cameos and Wrap Up

After the battle, Peacemaker carries Harcourt off the battlefield. As the group walks away, they are greeted by four familiar silhouetted figures. The Justice League, consisting of Superman, The Flash (Ezra Miller), Aquaman (Jason Momoa) and Wonder Woman have come to help. In typical Peacemaker fashion, he berates them and tells them they are late. He also continues the gag of Aquaman having relations with fish, as the King of Atlantis states he is sick of the rumor. Flash tells him it is not a rumor and Aquaman retaliates with a crude response.

The cameo was very unexpected and one that is bound to get fans excited. Batman and Cyborg are not featured, indicating that the pair are no longer in the DCEU, while a Superman silhouette gives hope that Henry Cavill could return.

During the wrap-up of the episode, fans are shown where each character is. Adebayo calls out her mother Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) during a press conference, revealing the existence of Task Force X. This will have major implications for the Suicide Squad franchise moving forward, as it will be intriguing to see how they revamp with this reveal.

Meanwhile, Peacemaker sits by Harcourt’s side as she recovers in the hospital and Economos returns to Belle Reve for work. The episode concludes with Peacemaker, still haunted by his father, feeding Goff the remaining food left.

The show perfectly sets up a season two, as Peacemaker is still conflicted by his past and trying to be a better person. A second season could also showcase a conflict between Amanda Waller and the team due to Adebayo’s press conference. Nonetheless, season one wrapped up with a perfectly action-packed finale that summed up the series well.

Peacemaker’s first season is now all streaming on HBO Max.