The Ultimate MARVEL Quiz

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been entertaining it’s millions (if not billions) of fans around the world since 2008. This Ultimate Marvel Quiz will test even the mightiest fans. If you are worthy enough to get 10/10 make sure you let us know over on our social media channels. Good Luck!



#1. In WandaVision, what is the code name for the project to bring Vision back online?

#2. Which Infinity Stone is RED in color?

#3. In Thor Ragnarok, what is the password to activate the Quinjet?

#4. What is the first word in the line to activate The Winter Soldier?

#5. In Iron Man, what food is Tony Stark craving on his return to the USA?

#6. What is a Flerken?

#7. In Iron Man 3, what is the name of the kid that befriends Tony Stark?

#8. CHRONOLOGICALLY, which of the following MCU movies occurs first?

#9. Which of these is the home planet of Thanos?

#10. Who is Doctor Strange's mentor?