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Robert Downey Jr gifted original Iron Man helmet to Tom Holland’s brother

Iron Man is the movie that started it all. The Marvel Cinematic Universe may not even exist without it’s success. When Tony Stark put on the iconic Iron Man suit for the first time, it’s a moment that will live forever in cinematic history. But where is the helmet from that suit now?

Paddy Holland has the original Iron Man helmet

In a recent interview with Hot Ones, Tom Holland revealed that Robert Downey Jr gifted the original Iron Man helmet to his brother Paddy. It came from a question where Host Sean Evans asked the Spider-man star about his favorite souvenir that he has received from a movie set. Here is what the actor had to say:

My favorite souvenir was actually given to me – well, it wasn’t given to me, it was given to my little brother Paddy. When Black Panther was coming out, Robert Downey Jr. was making Dr. Dolittle in London and he was staying down the road from where I live.

And he brought us to a screening of Black Panther at his house, and Paddy comes running into the room and he’s holding the original Iron Man helmet and Downey had given it to him as a gift. That’s a really special one for me because I was lucky enough to join the MCU but I joined it very late, and that souvenir, you know, that’s from the original film, that’s the birthplace of this incredible world that Kevin Feige and Marvel created and Downey and Favreau kickstarted, so to have something from that film, it’s a huge honor.

Tom Holland

Paddy Holland is a lucky guy. His brother is Spider-man and he is the proud owner of the original Iron Man helmet. I’m jealous now.

The interview was part of the promotion for Spider-man No Way Home which releases in US theatres on December 17th.

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