Captain America reportedly coming to Call of Duty Vanguard

When it comes to crossovers in the gaming world, Fortnite are undoubtedly the kings. Multiple crossover events with the likes of Marvel, Star Wars and DC have have all been hugely successful for the Epic Games brand. However, there is another player in town.

Call of Duty have also had some success in the crossover department with the likes of Judge Dredd, Rambo and John McClane added as playable characters. All great characters but nowhere close to the volume that Fortnite has achieved. That could be about to change. Recent rumors suggest that Captain America will be added to Call of Duty Vanguard as a playable character.

Captain America coming to Call of Duty Vanguard?

According to reliable industry insider Tom Henderson, Captain America and Indiana Jones will be added to Call of Duty Vanguard in the near future.

He tweeted “Both Captain America and Indiana Jones seem to be making their way to #Vanguard in the near future. Disney had been in talks with Activision in the summer on potential partnership opportunities.”

No date has been confirmed yet for when the characters will be added but the insider did go on to say it will likely be part of an upcoming event.

He said “Strings of code sent to me by @CoDPerseus_ seem to indicate some kind of event, but it’s unclear on exact details and when the event will be.”

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