Venom Spider-man 2 PS5

RUMOR: Venom will be a playable character in Spider-man 2 on PS5

A new rumor is suggesting that Venom will be a playable character in Marvel’s Spider-man 2 on PS5. So far it’s only been confirmed that players will be able to take control of Peter Parker and Miles Morales’ Spider-men but if the new rumor is true, it could be a game changer.

According to NextGenPlayer on Twitter “Spider-man 2 on PS5 will reportedly have three playable characters: Peter Parker, Miles Morales and either Venom or a symbiotic version of Peter”.

The rumor’s origin comes from an anonymous 4chan leaker claiming that they have seen a leaked email containing the details as well as the names of multiple Insomniac Games employees. The email also reportedly explains how character switching and missions will work within the game.

According the leaker, players will not be able to switch freely between Miles and Peter for missions. Certain missions will be tied to certain characters. The leak claims that there will be a third playable character that cannot free roam. This character will have a different playstyle to the Spider-Men that allows them to take out enemies using smoke, projectiles and “a type of organic or artificial tentacles.” The source claims that Venom is not mentioned by name specifically but using the words “organic tentacles” certainly strongly hints that it could be the symbiote alien. The rumor should be taken with a grain of salt but would definitely be a cool experience if true.

Marvel’s Spider-man 2 is due for release in 2023 with the studio yet to provide an exact date. As always, thanks for reading.