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See the New Batmobile from ‘The Batman’ in real life

The Batman is one of the most anticipated movies for 2022 alongside Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness. This time it’s Robert Pattinson that will be playing the role of the caped crusader. And from the trailers that have been shown so far it appears fans are in for a treat.

Each time we get a new Batman we get a new iteration of the Batmobile to go with it. And the Batmobile for The Batman is no different. Recent versions of Batman’s car from the Christian Bale and Ben Affleck movies have been amazing, but a little bit unrealistic.

This time Director Matt Reeves has decided to focus on a hyper-realistic and grounded version of the character. This includes a stripped back version of the Batmobile which now looks like a cross between Dominic Toretto’s muscle car and Knight Rider.

The Batmobile from The Batman in real life

Mikhail Villarreal was one of the lucky people that had the opportunity to see the new Batmobile in front of his very eyes. He took to Twitter to post the images below with the caption “Batmobile from The Batman movie exhibited at the Warner Bros hotel in Abu Dhabi”. And the car looks absolutely insane. See for yourself.

These images have us even more excited to see The Batman when it finally hits theaters in March 2022.

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