Shang Chi Abomination Wong

Shang Chi just got even more interesting

A recent trailer for the upcoming MCU film Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings found a way to get fans even more excited for the film. Well, two more ways, to be precise. The trailer ended by showing off a fight scene between a pair of powered individuals. The big one was immediately identified as the Hulk’s former playmate, the Abomination. But the other person in the fight was a little less obvious.

The Abomination Shang Chi
The Abomination in Shang Chi (Marvel Studios)

Eagle-eyed fans believed that individual to be Doctor Strange’s best pal and fellow wizard, Wong. And Kevin Feige has been kind enough to confirm that to be the case. While that bit of info is certainly appreciated, it actually creates more questions than it answers. The big questions are, of course, why are these two squaring off in some sort of crazy fight club in Shang Chi in the first place and where have they been?

The Abomination finally returns in Shang Chi

When it comes to the Hulk’s enemies, they don’t get much bigger or badder than the Abomination. Another gamma-powered monster, he is every bit the equal of the Hulk in raw power and invulnerability. That being said, he does not stack up in rage levels, which usually gives Hulk the edge in their fights. Abomination was also Hulk’s first opponent in the MCU, though he has been missing in action for quite some time.

No one has heard from him since the 2008 MCU movie The Incredible Hulk starring Edward Norton. Other key Hulk characters like Betty Brant and Doc Samson made their only appearances in that movie, as well. The only one who has reappeared since then has been General Ross who made his return in Captain America: Civil War. The fact that Abomination is finally returning to movie screens roughly 13 after his first MCU appearance is huge.

Wong has had a much bigger presence

Wong Shang Chi
Wong – Shang Chi (Marvel Studios)

On the other hand, Wong has become a key secondary character in the MCU. He made his debut alongside Stephen Strange in 2016’s Doctor Strange. This was the movie that brought magic in as a key component. And that element will keep building in 2022’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Inevitably, Wong will continue to be a part of the story as he was in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

While he’s been a bigger presence than Abomination over the last few years, that doesn’t make Wong’s appearance in Shang Chi any less surprising. Wong has been primarily associated with Doctor Strange up to this point. As such, this movie will be the first time that Wong has appeared in a movie that Doctor Strange hasn’t. That’s assuming that the good doctor doesn’t also have a cameo coming up.

Why are Abomination and Wong in Shang Chi?

Abomination vs. Wong
Abomination vs. Wong (Marvel Studios)

The scene at the end of the trailer doesn’t give fans much to go on. What is apparent is that they are in a fight pit kind of situation with people cheering them on. It stands to reason that Shang Chi might be there to fight, as well. Fans will likely have to wait for confirmation on that one. But one thing that can’t be guessed from the brief clip is why Wong is there in the first place.

A lot of this will hang on the nature of Wong’s appearance. Is he working with Shang Chi on some level? Or is it purely a coincidence that these two heroes cross paths? It’s completely possible that Wong is tracking the Ten Rings, leading him to Shang Chi. In the end, fans will need to watch the movie to get answers. But this conversation has certainly increased the anticipation for Shang Chi‘s September release.