Emma Stone as Spider-Gwen and Anya Taylor-Joy as Black Cat

Sony reportedly developing Black Cat and Spider-Gwen solo movies with Emma Stone and Anya Taylor-Joy

The Sony Spider-man Universe is continuously expanding. Venom and Venom Let There Be Carnage were both released to a mixed reception while Morbius is still to come.

Previous rumors of Sandman and Rhino solo movies are still to be confirmed but the whisperings coming out of Sony are that the studio is keen to expand their universe as quickly as possible.

And now, after the success of Spider-man No Way Home, Sony are reportedly looking to get Emma Stone and Anya Taylor-Joy on board for two brand new solo projects.

Spider-Gwen and Black Cat

According to The Illuminerdi, Sony want Emma Stone to reprise her role as Gwen Stacey for a Spider-Gwen spinoff solo movie. Not only that though. The report also claims that Sony are looking to sign up Anya Taylor-Joy to play The Black Cat in their Spider-man universe too!

It would appear that the only stumbling block at this point in time would be that Gwen Stacey died in her last outing with Spider-man in The Amazing Spider-man 2.

However, now with the Multiverse in play, anything is possible. Perhaps Stone will return to the fold as a variant Gwen Stacey who’s Peter Parker died in her universe? Who knows. It’s all possible.

Taylor-Joy actually already has some experience as part of a Marvel movie too. The actor played Magik in New Mutants. A movie that not a lot of people saw which was reflected by it’s awful Box Office performance. The actor would be hoping for a better result this time around if the reports turn out to be true.

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