Rhino and Sandman

Sony reportedly developing solo SANDMAN and RHINO movies

Sony have a mixed track record when it comes to their Marvel movies. Spider-man and Spider-man 2 were both met with widespread critical acclaim. On the other hand, Spider-man 3 and The Amazing Spider-man 2 didn’t do so well in that department.

This hasn’t stopped Sony from trying however. Venom and Venom: Let there be Carnage both did well at the Box Office. Something Sony hopes will continue when Morbius and Kraven the Hunter are released in the coming years.

But the studio are not stopping there. Sony are now reportedly developing spin-off movies for both Sandman and Rhino.

Sandman and Rhino getting their own movies?

According to reliable scooper DanielRPK Sony Pictures are developing solo outings for both Sandman and Rhino. The insider posted the information directly to his official Patreon account simply by saying “Sony developing Sandman and Rhino solo films”. These movies would likely form part of what Sony is referring to as the ‘Sony Spider-man Universe’.

Rhino was last played by Paul Giamatti in the Amazing Spider-man 2 in what was a comical (not in a good way) performance. It’s difficult to imagine how the studio would pull off an entire movie based on the character.

Sandman is a different story. He was actually one of the better villains to feature in Spider-man 3. Thomas Haden Church gave an emotional, motive-driven performance for the character of Sandman who will return in Spider-man No Way Home.

It seems like Sony is delivering on what nobody has really asked for. If all of Spider-man’s villains become anti-heroes in their own right, will it damage Spider-man’s image as the good guy?

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