Spider-man No Way Home The more fun stuff version

Spider-man No Way Home ‘The more fun stuff version’ officially announced

Spider-man No Way Home was one of the biggest fan events of 2021. The Marvel movie had enormous fan expectations before it released – all of which were met or even surpassed. Now we’re getting a new version in 2022.

Extended version of Spider-man No Way Home announced

It has been officially announced. Spider-man No Way Home ‘The More Fun Stuff Version’ will officially release in theaters across the US and Canada on September 2nd, 2022. This new version will include both added and extended scenes that have never been seen before. The movie will also screen in premium large formats.

It has been reported that the movie will contain approximately 15 minutes of unseen footage. According to reliable insider Amit Chaudhari the scenes that will be extended/added are:

  • Interrogation Scene Extended – 02:25
  • Peter at Midtown High – 05:25
  • Undercroft Montage – 01:35
  • Happy’s Very Good Lawyer – 01:35
  • The Spideys Hang Out – 04:25

The move comes as Sony Pictures attempt to help the movie pass the $2 Billion mark. Tickets for the movie will go on sale August 9th, 2022.