Spider-man No Way Home Quiz

Spider-man No Way Home Trailer QUIZ

The official second trailer for Spider-man No Way Home has dropped and the internet can’t get enough. From fan theories to hidden details, fans have been enjoying the trailer on repeat. But we want to see if you were really paying attention.

The Spider-man No Way Home trailer quiz below will test even the most dedicated Spidey fan. If you manage to get 100% let us know in the comments below or over on social media @GeeksGonnaGeek. Good Luck.



#1. Who is the first villain to appear in the trailer? (not including preview)

#2. How many villains are shown in the trailer?

#3. How many Spider-man suits do we see in the trailer?

#4. How long does Peter Parker say he felt normal for since he was bitten by the Spider?

#5. Which fictional dog does Doctor Strange reference in the trailer?

#6. Where does the final battle in the trailer take place?

#7. Which 3 villains is Spider-man fighting in the end of the trailer?

Select all that apply:

#8. Which of these characters does NOT appear in the trailer?

#9. Which color runs through the skyline at the end of the trailer?

#10. What does Doctor Strange say at the end of the trailer?